JRock style at Discord,[]Trap[], and Hair Fair!!!

In this post I attempted to dress a little more towards the styles that my favorite Japanese Rock Artists dress in. This is by far my first attempt and I think the end result came out pretty well in the end. In my journey to attain the JRock fashion that I idolize, I had made a trip to 3 different places. I had heard so much about the Hair Fair that launched this past Friday so I decided to give it a look. I found a really great hair from Calico Ingmann Creations that pretty much fit my definition of JRock.

Now that I had the hair, i thought to myself……hmm where can I get a great skin. So I asked a friend of mine and she suggested a store called []Trap[]. So I tp’d to that store and found a series of JRock skins to choose from. They had so many choices and it was so hard to just pick one. Once I picked my skin, I figured where can I go to get the perfect JRock style clothes.

I had seen on a another blog a post about Discord Nightmare City, so I decided to check it out. As I wandered around the sim teleporting to different areas, I came across the “new clothing street” and found the perfect outfit for me. I wanted something I would never normally wear that had some edge and carried out the vibe that I was trying to attain a different look. I was amazed at the prices and quality of the clothes available. I saw outfits ranging from 30L to 250L on the SIM. And most of these outfits were very detailed and had intricate prims attached. I took a few pics around the sim but I’m only going to post 2 in this blog. As always you can check out the rest of my pictures from my little adventure at Discord on our Flickr account.

What I wore:
Outfit: <Discord>SHI-DO Black Set 90L DISCORD
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Xander – Midnight (Purple Sim Hair Fair)
Skin: []Trap[]Jrcok 04 M Tone 2(700L) []Trap[]

Credits: I’d like to thank these wonderful bloggers for blogging  << Discord >> Nightmare City which inspired me to try the Visual Kei/Rock look:

Men’s Second Style: http://www.second-man.com/discord-nightmare-city-treasure-hunt.html

SL Men: http://www.slmen.com/category/tenueoutfit/special-event/

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