Frick… and clothes too

I’ve been buying skins from Frick for the past 2 years. Owner Fricka Morgath creates some unusual and nice skins and most of them under 100 lindens. Recently she has began designing clothing. Though the collection is small, they are very well designed and very creative. And like her skins, most of the outfits are under 100 lindens for singles and fatpaks are very affordable. I have to admit I love what I’ve seen so far and am anticipating her next release.


The gorgeous dress on the right is called Falling Stars and comes with 3 skirts, all blue, with a black stripe and above a white stripe. On the left another lolita dress called Wisteria Leaves and comes with a solid black skirt and with stripes above. Fricka provides items on every layer possible which makes for easy layering.


I love this dress, it was hard for me to choose which colour to choose. I love all the colour combinations but ended up choosing my favourite pink and green. You can see all fine details that make this outfit pop and I love the burlesque feel of it.


Love, Oh in Sweet is adorable. Fricka once again gives you 2 skirt options for a lolita or babydoll look and 2 tops as well. I love the peek-a-boo heart netting on the top. With all of Fricka’s designs, everything fit out of the box. I didn’t have to make any adjustments which I love.


Blood Lolly is another great dress that offers 2 different skirt and top options. From the photo you can tell Fricka works hard to offer her customers quality items. If you love lolita dresses stop by Frick and pick it up.


As soon as I saw Maggie, i fell in love with it. Once I had it on, I wore it for almost a week before changing. I love the corsetted top and the leather capris. It comes in multiple colours as with all of the outfits.


Last is Fricka’s new release, the Morta dress. Actually you get the dress and also the top part of the dress as a top. What I love about this dress is you can mix and match all the colours. They all fit perfectly together, as you can see from the pink skirt and green top above.

As you can see, Frick has some well made, adorable and affordable clothing items I feel everyone will love. At these prices, drop by and pick up more than one colour.

Style cards

Photo 1: outfit: Frick – Wisteria Leaves / skin: Frick – Trickster Siren / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Sand & Surf Shack – Georgia / tights: Rotten Toe – Torn / shoes: Shiny Things – Button Boots

Photo 1: outfit: Frick – Falling Stars – Sky / skin: Frick – Goth – Dawn Starlight / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Calico Creations – Haley Dusk / shoes: Katatonik – Mary Jane shoes

Photo 2: outfit: Frick – Sour Cordial / skin: Frick – Trickster Siren / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Gritty Kitty – Butters / shoes: Vive9 – Xian Boots

Photo 3: outfit: Frick – Love, Oh in Sweet / skin: Frick – Jane in Peach / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Gritty Kitty – Butters / shoes: Katatonik – Pink Bubble shoes

Photo 4: outfit: Frick – Blood Lolly / skin: Violent Seduction – Broken Hearted / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: DPYumyum – Barberyumyum 16 / shoes: Jeepers Creepers – Black Betty

Photo 5: outfit: Frick – Maggie Snow / skin: Leafy – Miso Milk Sugara / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: ETD – Laine / shoes: Slink – / piercings: Plastic Flowers – Once Pure

Photo 6: outfit: Frick – Morta – Pink, Green & Black / skin: Nomine – Primrse Virgin Rush / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Lamb – Oh Sugar / piercings: Plastic Flowers – Once Pure

One thought on “Frick… and clothes too

  1. […] for as low as 75L such as the Love, Oh Adore dress that is available in her booth. A while back, Willow did a great review on Fricka’s clothing items so I’m only going to focus on the items available at Alt […]

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