Tuli is Back

Tuli is back with a redesigned sim, a new skin and some beautiful new fantasy gowns. It’s the fantasy gowns I want to show you today.

I’ve been shopping at Tuli’s when her store was just a small shop with 1 or 2 skins, a few clothes and jewelry pieces. My first purchase from her was a simple, silver cross necklace that I still wear today, more than any other piece of jewelry I own.

No matter what Tuli is designing, be it skins, jewelry or clothing, you know you’re going to get quality and beauty. When I went to visit the new sim to see the new Eva skin, I popped into the building housing her clothing and fell in love with the new fantasy gowns. I can’t wait to show them to you.

Tuli is back

This is the Royalty 2 gown. I like to call this a warm goldish colour whereas the Royalty 1 gown is a cool silverish. I love the collar and shoulder things of this gown. The pattern in the texture is a delicate flower and lovely. I can certainly picture a member of a royal court wearing this. The gown comes on multiple layers and includes shoes.

Tuli is back

This is Serenity. The pretty white lace and soft pastel colours would be perfect for a young girl. This gown comes in several pastel colours (the gown is white but the sleeves, sash and front bodice are the different colours). This definitely would be a dress for special occasions.

Tuli is back

If I was forced to pick a favourite gown of the lot, it would be Leaves. As soon as my eyes fell on it I was in love. It fits perfectly and just look at the texture and detailing. This would be an everyday gown of the times and I have been wearing it since I got it. This gown comes in several colours.

Tuli is back

The Journey Linen would be a gown I’d wear every day. I love the details, especially the cut of the collar in back and front and what made me buy the dress, the sleeves. Look at how they come down and cover a bit of the hand, wonderful. I love the linen texture on the dress and with all the leave and floral designs, I can picture an elf lady wearing this.

Tuli is back

The Journey Velvet dress is the same dress as the Journey Linen above, just different colours. Both dresses also come with shoes. What can I say about this dress I haven’t already said above. 🙂

All the gowns are exquisitely detailed and well made. Tuli has outdone herself and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Style Sheets

Photo 1: outfit: Tuli – Royalty 2 / skin: Pink Fuel – Skye Milk Scene / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: OH – Oh My Happiness / jewelry: Tuli – Silver Cross necklace / shoes: included with outfit

Photo 2: outfit: Tuli – Serenity Petal / skin: Tres Blah – Arctic Cold / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Detour – Beloved / shoes: Shiny Things – Party Pumps White

Photo 3: outfit: Tuli – Leaves Green / skin: Curio – Moonbeam Elf Snug / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Kin – Tori / shoes: Lassitude & Ennui – Estampie Moss

Photo 4: outfit: Tuli – Journey Linen / skin: Leafy – Miso Milk Sugar / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Slink – Pixie / shoes: included with outfit

Photo 5: outfit: Tuli – Journey Velvet / skin: Nomine – Primrose Virgin Rush / eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean / hair: Exile – Juliet / shoes: included with outfit

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