Nomine at Fantasy Fair 2010

Today at RFL Fantasy Fair 2010 I’d like to introduce to you the amazing skills of Munchflower Zaius and her store Nomine. I’ve been a long-time shopper at Nomine and felt honoured to be asked to blog this store for the fair. I consider Munch one of the best skin designers on the grid. She creates beautiful and original looking skins for both men and women as well as some great clothing and accessories.

Munch has donated the Mosaic Skin Ghost in four makeups for RFL. I love the subtle shading on the body and though these skins are white, it’s not a stark white. I love these skins and if I do say so myself I look great in them. šŸ™‚

NOMINE - Fantasy Fair 2010

NOMINE - Fantasy Fair 2010

Hang onto your hats, Munch is spoiling us with this FANTASTIC Gargoyle Avatar. There is a male and female av available and I was so excited when I put it on. The detail is amazing as you can see from the photos below. There are 18 pieces to complete the avatar and they are modifiable so if you don’t want to wear the provided shape, you can adjust them to your own.

The Gargoyle Avatars are currently only available at the Fantasy Fair.

Nomine - Fantasy Fair 2010

Nomine - Fantasy Fair 2010

Nomine - Fantasy Fair 2010

Nomine - Fantasy Fair 2010

Everyone needs to come down to Fantasy Fair and check out Nomine’s skins and Gargoyle Avs. They’re waiting for you!

The following slurl will take you to the Dark Realm sim where the Nomine booth is located, just follow the red arrow to it.


Photos 1 & 2: skin: Nomine – RFL items – Mosaic Skin Ghost – black, light, pale, red / eyes: Banez Eyes ā€“ Chrome Lilac Shimmer (RFL item at their booth at the fair) / hair: Sand & Surf Shack – Georgie / bikini: Nayar – Argyle Bikini / pose: Oracul

Photos 3-6: avatar: Nomine – GARGOYLE Avatar / poses: Zarabella (created for the Gargoyle av and found in Nomine’s booth)


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