Forsaken at Fantasy Fair 2010

Hello once again friends. Another shop you will find at Fantasy Fair is Forsaken, on the Dark Realm sim. Owner VincentVile DeSantis designs items for both men and women and I find he’s a varied and prolific creator. You can find clothing, accessories, skins, piercings, etc, in his shop. I’m a huge fan of the cybergoth, fetish, punk scene, especially the hot bright colours. Hot pink or lime green anyone??? LOL I think everyone can find something that will appeal to them at Forsaken.

Vincent has donated 3 items to RLF with 100% of each item going to the charity. First is the Spike & Pierced Visor. Let me say this now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this visor. I don’t wear many hats, hair bands, etc., because I always have to adjust my hair so it’s not sticking through it and it’s such a bother to do. But as soon as I clicked wear and the visor rezzed, it was perfect. I had to do nothing and I love the little spikes on the brim, they are so cute.


The Angel Reborn Wings are great and they are colour changing. Now when an angel damages its wings, they can add cyber parts to them and they’ll be good as new. LOL All you wing lovers, cybergoths, and roleplayers have got to pick these up.


And Vincent’s last RFL item is this incredible Threads of Despair shirt. I particularly love the vinyl shrug and leather straps. As with all the items I’ve shown today, this too is unisex and you’ll find both men and women’s shirts inside the folder when purchased.


All of these items can only be found at the Fantasy Fair for now.

I really enjoyed looking around the Forsaken booth, so much so I tp’d to the main store. There’s so much great stuff there.

Style notes

Photo 1: headgear: Forsaken – Spike & Pierced Visor / skin: Demon Cake – Rockstar / eyes: Banez Eyes – Chrome Lilac Shimmer (RFL item at their booth at the fair) / hair: Magika – Bean / top: Nayar – Tabatha Vest / pose: Oracul

Photo 2: wings: Forsaken – Angel Reborn Wings / skin: Fleur – Vivant Gothique Cyberpunk / eyes: Banez Eyes – Chrome Lilac Shimmer (RFL item at their booth at the fair) / hair: Magika – Bean / dress: Nomine – Madea Dress / boots: J’s – Thigh High Boots

Photo 3: top: Forsaken – Threads of Despair Shirt / skin: Nomine – Mosaic Skin Ghost (RFL item) / eyes: Banez Eyes – Chrome Lilac Shimmer (RFL item at their booth at the fair) / hair: Little Heaven – Rabi / pose:

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