Vampire in Love by Goth1Co

I have been admiring the designs by Keishii Roo for quite some time and my first real purchase when I rezzed inworld was The Anger outfit at Goth1Co. Today when I logged in I received a notecard from the group indicating about a new event called the Alternative Fair but to my surprise there was this exquisite new release called “Vampire in Love” and I knew I would have to purchase it.

I figured I can’t just let Willow do all the blogging alone on this site. And did you know she won a contest wearing one of Keishii Roo’s beautiful designs. Willow takes the most magnificent pictures.

The Vampire in Love comes with 27 pieces and you can wear it in several different ways. I opted to wear it in this manner in the pictures below because I felt so aristocratic and regal when I put on this outfit.

The poses in this post were provided courtesy of the always generous Sakuradawn Lei of Lazy Places. These are from her IAMSEXY pose set and they are modeled after the lead singer of IAMX. I had to google the singer a bit and when I saw this outfit I figured the poses and outfit would work hand in hand. Thank you Miss Lei for your generosity.


In the above picture you get a closeup detail of the prim work on the collar and the textures of the outfit. Over the past 2 years I have been playing SL I have watched the work of Keishii Roo evolve into magnificent masterpieces and I am loving this new outfit.


This outfit can be found at Goth1Co’s booth at Alternative Fair on the Sn@tch City booth. I urge you to check out the rest of Alternative Fair I wandered around and found some other items I would love to get from some of my other favorite designers.

Style sheets
Outfit: Goth1c0 (Alt Fair ) : Vampire in Love <–purchased at Alt Fair

Body: Ommik: Dark Blue Jewel Eyes–discontinued | [-B-]Hope.II:Fair:#02/v2 skin; [-B-]Stan/+Midnight+ Hair | SLink Elven Ears Metal Free

Jewelry: Lolapop! Cruciform Love Necklace <–purchased at Alt Fair

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Claudio Boot (from Shoes and Accessories Hunt)

Poses: [LP] IAMSEXY Posepack

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