Spit It Out

Look of the Day 5/19/10

Yesterday, Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch, placed out several of her past 69L Humpday items and I decided to go take a look to see which items I have missed that were purple. And to my surprise I missed these awesome platform goosher boots and I also grabbed last weeks awesome build she had put out. Ivey does an amazing job on all her items and her prefabs are stunning, now I just need to find a way to free up more prims on my land to rezz it.

Also until this Friday, 5/21/10, many skins and several items are 50-70% off at Nomine. I grabbed maybe 3 skins that I have been saving for and now I got 3 for the price of one skin. In a previous post I had indicated that Nomine was one of the first vendors I had made my first real skin purchase and whenever I am looking for a really stunning gothic skin, I always turn to Nomine because I know I can always find what I am looking for at her store.

This outfit I threw together last night is just a few separates available at Sn@tch. I’m not really a person who is really great at coordinating outfits and I tend to always be monochromatic. The Militant Pacifist shirt is one of my favorite shirts from Sn@tch and I always wear the black color out of the pack. The pants I picked up at the Black Bacchanal Event a while back but they are also available in the mainstore. I love gloves and these are some of my staples in my inventory. If you don’t see me wearing these, I am probably wearing my gloves from Sinistyle then. I love that Ivey includes a nailpolish layer with these gloves so they are punky and quirky at the same time.

The hair I am wearing in this post is a brand new release by the newly rebranded Deviant Kitties, [ploom] by Helanywe Vindaloo. The Ana hairstyle features a hud that allows you to texture change half of the hair. I only bought the black pack but from what I saw from Pumpkin Saenz’s post here it looks like if you fatpack the hair it opens up the texture changing abilities to infinite possibilities. There are a ton of new releases and skins available at [ploom], I suggest you check it out you won’t be disappointed.

And this concludes my random and quick post.

Style cards

Body: <> Vampire Eyes in Onyx and Grave | Nomine Mosaic Skin China = vamp light | [ploom] Ana – Ink | Deviant Lashes 01

Outfit: :::Sn@tch In the Ring Striped Pants::: |:::Sn@tch Militant Pacifist::: | :::Sn@tch Oblivion Bondage Belt::: | :::Sn@tch Punkables gloves (purple) | :::Sn@tch Purple Platform Gooshers:::

Jewelry/Accessories: Lolapop! Bloody Love Necklace | Lolapop! Bloody Love Piercing

Poses: Lazy Places (IAMSEXY; Girls, Girls, Girls; For the Girls; Harajuku)

BTW the title post really has nothing to do with what I’m wearing its just what I’m listening to when I wrote it. Here is the video

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