New Look

It has been a while since I have graced this blog with my presence. I’m not a particularly avid blogger or a frequent shopper. So I decided to update my look and get a new skin and shape. I was lucky enough to meet Hideyuki Ichtama who is currently in the process of opening his own shape store. His focus will be on male androgynous shapes and he was gracious enough to provide me with a custom preview copy of his first shape “Hiroshi”.

New Look #1

After attaining my brand new shape I had to acquire a brand new skin, something different than what I have seen on the feeds. Hideyuki Ichtama gave me a landmark to a new to me store by the name of “.:Mascarade:.“. I checked out a few of the skins and the prices are fairly affordable, approximately 300L each. I picked up the Ephebe – Black Smoke skin because I liked the facial features on this skin. My second choice, which I will definitely go back to pick up at a later time will be the Ephebe – Natural skin. To me these skins capture a young Japanese male look, and with the right clothes and hair you can attain a really inspiring Visual Kei look.

New Look #2

In the picture above I am wearing a hairstyle I picked up from booN, its not necessarily a new release but I’m pretty slow on picking up new hairstyles. My counterpart keeps telling me I should update my look more often. The hairstyle kind of has that I just rolled out of bed and I am too lazy to comb my hair kind of look. Which is exactly how I wear my hair everyday!

I am also wearing a new release from Lolapop!, Lola79 Hienrichs dropped a review copy on me a week ago and I actually am blogging it within a reasonable time frame for once. This is one of Lola’s first attempts at making a more masculine item. I really dig the Fleur De Lis accents and the textures on this necklace. And last but not least I have to mention these really great gloves I picked up at Sinistyle. I have always loved the work from Sinistyle and when I saw the price on these gloves I had to grab them. They come in a variety of wear options in the folder and at a low cost.

Style cards

Body: booN YAC569 hair black | [.:Mascarade:.] Ephebe – Black Smoke – | [T.P]-Frozen Soul- Blue Eyes | SLink Elven Ears Metal Free | *VizC* Hiroshi Shape

Outfit: :: Refuge :: Militia Fitted Tee [black] | +grasp+/Stone Skull Jeans/03 | SiniStyle Ripper Boots

Jewelry/Accessories: SiniStyle Taped Fist | Lolapop! Fleur de Lockdown Necklace

Poses: Torridwear – Unisexy, Olive Juice – Which Way Did George Go? , (pda) I’d Rather be Rich

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