Snatch…comfortable in my skin

Primarily a clothing designer, if you’ve walked through Snatch you’ll also see footwear, hair, jewelry and skin. Ivey has dabbled in creating skins the past few years. I loved how they looked on Ivey in her ads but when I demo’d them, I just couldn’t get them to look good on me, no matter how much I tweaked my face, which was frustrating.

But a few weeks ago Ivey released her Marie Antoinette skin, which made me squeeeeeeee when I tried it on. It’s adorable. And now, this past weekend she released a new skin called Solstice. Once again I found myself grabbing the demos and scurrying back to my little hole to try them on. And I was in love. These skins are beautiful. I know skin designs take a long time and Ivey has certainly progressed tremendously.

The body is flawless from what I can see, and I love the tones. I chose tone 1 since I adore pale, pale skin. There are several tones to choose from and Ivey is currently working on a vampire and dead tone besides more makeups for all the rest. I rarely purchase fatpacks of skins because they can be quite pricey. This time around I had to as I would have paid more for all the makeups I wanted separately. ;b

Each fatpack includes 6 makeups and 1 nude skin. Each individual makeup includes skins with and without freckles and with and without cleavage.

It’s time I stopped gushing and show you the makeups in Tone 1.

SNATCH - Solstice skins

Drama makeup

SNATCH - Solstice skins

Electric makeup

SNATCH - Solstice skins

Greta makeup

SNATCH - Solstice skins

Posh makeup

SNATCH - Solstice skins

Spectre makeup

SNATCH - Solstice skins

Velvet makeup

And lastly a body shot before I strip down for a bath. 😉

SNATCH - Solstice skins

I’m looking forward to seeing the next generation of skins Ivey produces. If they’re anything like Solstice the wait will be hard.

Style notes

In all photos: eyes: Poetic Colors – ocean blue surf / eyelashes: Cake – Bedroom Lashes / hair: Kin – Cricket / tattoo: Garden of Ku – Lady Cat / lingerie: Snatch – Spiderbaby / shoes: Snatch – SLag Heels / piercing: Plastic Flowers – Trust / ring: Little Boy Blue – Shroud / poses: Long Awkward Pose

One thought on “Snatch…comfortable in my skin

  1. Thank you sooo much for showing these! They look so great on your shape! I’m already planning new ones…a little in the future though I’m going to play with this one for a bit. So happy I made one that worked for you. I have such a strange head and sometimes they look great for me but not for everyone. This set I think is a lot more universal. Thank you again!

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