Jewelry Fair 2010


I want to start with a congratulations to the organizers and builders of the Jewelry Fair. The builds truly make you feel as if you’re in the world of Beauty & the Beast (this year’s theme). Navigating has never been so easy with wide open spaces and no unnecessary clutter in the way. The fair is divided between 4 sims, each one its own design of the theme:

The Forest – a pathway winding through trees and flowers with multicolour silk covered booths showcasing fantasy and eclectic jewelry styles.

Jewelry Fair 2010

Beast’s Castle – a dark and gothic looking castle and booths showcasing goth, occult and BDSM jewelry styles.

Jewelry Fair 2010

Beauty’s Castle – an opposite of the Beast’s castle in that it’s light and beautiful showcasing formal, fancy and traditional jewelry styles.

Jewelry Fair 2010

The Village – is a Bavarian style village surrounding a town square showcasing a casual style of jewelry.

Jewelry Fair 2010


Forest North
Forest South
Beast’s Castle North
Beast’s Castle South
Beauty’s Castle North
Beauty’s Castle South
Village North
Village South
Class/Demo area:


Oxfam is the charity that this year’s fair is helping. From their website (

“Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change.

We work directly with communities and we seek to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them.”

100% of proceeds from vendor entry fees, one-of-a-kind auction, pair sponsors, events are going to Oxfam as well, participants have put up vendors in their booths with items that 50% of the proceeds will go to Oxfam also.

You’ll also see wishing wells around all the sims with 100% of any lindens collected goes to Oxfam so if you have some spare lindens, please throw some in.

Jewelry Fair 2010

There is an auction being held in the Beast’s castle where you can bid on one-of-a-kind items. I’m not sure of the exact date the auction will take place but I believe it will be towards the end of the fair.

Jewelry Fair 2010

There’s also a kissing booth for those who love to kiss, especially for a good cause.

Mon Oct 11
7am – 8 am Dita Tran
11am – 12pm BevinErin Okelly
2pm – 3pm Cara Ametza
5pm – 6pm Jariah Yuhara
6pm – 7pm Jariah Yuhara
7pm – 8pm Eolande Elvehjem
8pm – 9pm Sarajaney Lusch

Tue Oct 12
11am – 12pm BevinErin Okelly
6pm – 7pm Polly Pavlova
7pm – 8pm Maximillion Grant
8pm – 9pm Sarajaney Lusch

Wed Oct 13
6am – 7am Skylerlynne Milestone
11am – 12pm Eve Torres
3pm – 4pm Amyla Wakowski
4pm – 5pm Eve Torres
5pm – 6pm Shareen Ballyhoo
8pm – 9pm Winter Jefferson
9pm – 10pm Sarajaney Lusch

Thu Oct 14
5am – 6am Tarak Zadark
11am – 12pm Hibiscus Flossberg
12pm – 1pm Eve Torres
2pm – 3pm CarpeDiem Turbo
4pm – 5pm Eve Torres
8pm – 9pm Sarajaney Lusch

Fri Oct 15
5am – 6am Tarak Zadark
9am – 10am Shelly Toonie
3pm – 4pm Jariah Yuhara
4pm – 5pm Jariah Yuhara
5pm – 6pm Cinna Button
8pm – 9pm Sarajaney Lusch

Sat Oct 16
9am – 10am Morgana Ninetails
2pm – 3pm Paisley Lancaster
6pm – 7pm Norajean Jonson
8pm – 9pm Sarajaney Lusch

Sun Oct 17
11am – 12pm BevinErin Okelly
6pm – 7pm Norajean Jonson
8pm – 9pm Sarajaney Lusch


We all know the lag events like this can cause and if you click on one of the signs at the main TP landing point you’ll receive a folder with a note card with tips on how to reduce lag as well as a really cool bubble to use. Just remove your AO and wear the bubble to get around the sim. I LOVE this bubble, it’s so cool and I’ve added it to my lag reducing folder as a permanent thing to use at other events.

Jewelry Fair 2010

A few things you can do to help reduce lag is remove all scripted items, huds, and attachments. Also one thing I always do is press CTRL+P to go into preferences and put my graphics quality down to 0, it really does help. Let’s be thoughtful to those around us.


The following are held in Beauty’s Castle.

**Monday October 11th:
6pm – 8pm Sofia Diage, DJ

**Wednesday October 13th
8pm – 10pm Roselynn Darks, DJ

**Thursday October 14th
12am – 12pm Trisha “The Voice”, DJ

**Friday October 15th
5pm SFL All Star Cheerleaders


The fair’s organizers have set aside an area for some classes for people who are interested in how jewelry is made in second life. These classes and demonstrations will give you a bit of knowledge as to how it is done.

Jewelry Fair 2010

Monday October 11th
Rox Arten 9am Demonstration Build
Calla Cela 6pm Camera Controls for Jewelers

Tuesday Oct 12th
Rox Arten 9am My First Ring Building Class
Preston Gravios 3pm Prim Torture & Nano Sizing
Calla Cela 5pm Prim Torture 101

Wednesday Oct 13th
Rox Arten 10am My First Earrings Building Class
Preston Gravios 2pm Beginning Jewelry Building Class
Calla Cela 8pm One Prim Pierced Earring

Thursday Oct 14th
Rox Arten 9am Demonstration Build
Sian Birke 5pm Low Lag Jewelry Building Class
Calla Cela 6pm One Prim Chandelier Earring

Friday Oct 15th
Rox Arten 10am My First Bracelet Building Class
Calla Cela 5pm Starburst Prim for Jewelers
Rox Arten7pm Simple Belly ring Building Class

Overall, the Jewelry Fair was a joy to visit and yes I did lots of buying too. Hurry down before it ends and pickup some pretties.

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