New Jewelry to share

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but two of my favourite jewellers have recently released a few new sets of jewelry and really loving them, I wanted to share them with everyone.

The first two pieces are designed by Mouse Mimistrobell from Dark Mouse. She creates some of SL’s most exquisite jewelry and has been a favourite of mine for awhile.

In the first photo I am wearing the very pretty “A Daisy” set and in the second, the more dressy up “Epoque” set.

Dark Mouse - A Daisy

Dark Mouse - Epoque

And from Lolapop! comes “La Muerta” set (cameo colour changes) and “La Hada” set designed by one of my very good friends in SL and RL, Lola79 Hienrichs. I was here when she first opened her very first shop and over the years she has blossomed into a very good designer. In fact she’s recently started making jewelry in RL and the “La Muerta” cameo is a replica of something she has made.

Lolapop! - La Muerta

Lolapop! - La Hada

Style Notes

In all photos: skin: Atomic – Kianna – Caramel / eyes: Illusory – Eyes 12 / eyeliner & moles: Tuli / hair: booN – gathered raised hair base & TANA01 & KED937 / poses: Reel Expression

photo 1: Dark Mouse – A Daisy set
photo 2: Dark Mouse – Epoque set
photo 3: Lolapop! – La Muerta set
photo 4: Lolapop! – La Hada set

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