Fantasy’s SeVered GarDeN

Last week I found myself at a new to me store called SeVered GarDeN and after a quick look around was quite captivated by what I saw. Also, most of the store is outside and the location is beautifully decorated. I’d say the majority of the outfits I looked at fall into the fantasy genre but don’t just think they all do, as I found a few lovely items anyone can wear. When visiting a store you really do need to look at everything; in my experience I always find something I can wear no matter the type of store.

I was giddy looking at everything I wanted LOL but I left and came back the next day to purchase what I really really wanted and would wear. I hate impulse shopping and I do it a lot in both lives but was able to hold back this time. hah But I did join the group and will be back. I am already looking forward to future releases.

I found the designs very well put together and if you are on a budget, the prices very reasonable. Also what I loved is the accessories you get along with the outfit. Sometimes jewelry, footwear, hair accessories, etc. You get the complete look, which is awesome.


Below are 5 of my favourite outfits I had to have but there’s so much more there. I do urge to to drop by and take a look at everything, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

First up are these sexy silks and includes the bracelets, arm bands and head piece.

SeVered GarDeN

This adorable bikini outfit comes with anklets, arm bands, a belt, flowers for your hair and an adorable backpack basket filled with water and flowers with little drops of water falling out. It’s sooo cute.

SeVered GarDeN

The following outfit is my most favourite. It’s a very sexy purple plaid, winter outfit that comes with the hat, stockings & socks, boots and mittens. I love the off-the-shoulder wrap and I’m a huge plaid fan.

SeVered GarDeN

I’d like to think this next outfit is for someone who lives in a forest taking care of trees and flowers. ūüėČ I love the colour combination and it comes with hair flower, scarf, belt, socks and a cute backpack.

SeVered GarDeN

This last outfit is her newest release (just a few days ago). It’s a very sexy bikini with one of the cutest wrap skirts I’ve seen. I love the netting and the shells and starfish hanging from it. The whole outfit comes with the starfish headpiece, necklace, bracelet, and anklets.

SeVered GarDeN

Style Notes

outfit: SeVered GarDeN – Harsha (includes accessories) / skin: Atomic – Kianna / hair: LeLutka – Rykiel / eyes: Poetic Colours – LL Summer Storm / pose: Sindecade / location: Lost World

outfit: SeVered GarDeN – KYM (includes accessories) / skin: Curio – Jasmine / makeup: Pink Fuel – Elly Doll Gloss/Teeth, Tuli – Beauty Marks & Eyeliner, BOOM – Flatter My Eyes Pink / nails: Tres Blah – Nail Colour / hair: Elikatira – Early / eyes: Poetic Colours – LL Summer Storm / pose: Flowey / location: Elsewhere

outfit: SeVered GarDeN – Siria (includes accessories & boots/hat) / Curio – Jasmine / makeup: Tuli – Beauty Marks & Eyeliner / hair: DP YumYum – barberyumyum 16 / eyes: Poetic Colours – LL Summer Storm / pose: PDA / location: Antebellum

outfit: SeVered GarDeN – Bambetta (includes accessories) / skin: Pink Fuel – Elly / makeup: Pink Fuel – Sheer Balm, Tuli – Beauty Marks & Eyeliner / hair: Exile – Caprice / eyes: Poetic Colours – LL Summer Storm / pose: Posies/ location: Straylight

outfit: SeVered GarDeN – Bia Natural (includes accessories) / skin: Pink Fuel – Elly / makeup: Pink Fuel – Sheer Balm/Teeth, Tuli – Beauty Marks & Eyeliner / nails: Tres Blah – Nail Colour / hair: Fashionably Dead – Rainy Day / eyes: Poetic Colours – LL Summer Storm / tattoo: Ayumi – Leopard Spots / pose: dawn / location: Crossing Currants

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