A New Favourte Hair shop

I discovered some very cute hair today and wanted to show it off. It’s by tram, who also designs some awfully cute clothing and a few furniture pieces.

What delighted me the most were the memories wearing the hair brought up. I can remember many, many years ago as a teenager wearing some of these styles. I loved them then and still love them now.

You can tell how much I like these designs as I spent close to $2,000L today LOL I couldn’t help myself I had to have so many styles.

If you haven’t been by tram yet, you’ve got to stop by and demo the hair. I’m sure you’ll love not only the textures but how it looks on you.

tram 811

tram 810

tram 813

tram 814

tram 816

tram 817


skin: Illusory – Paige / eyes: Hermony – MP Eyes Sea

photo 1 hair: tram – A811

photo 2 hair: tram – A810

photo 3 hair: tram – A813

photo 4 hair: tram – A814

photo 5 hair: tram – A816

photo 6 hair: tram – A817

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