[A] Limited – A New Collaboration

The talented Ivy Graves (Atomic, Illusory) and Tyr Rozenblum (Aura, Grixdale) have gotten together to open a new store called [A] Limited; a store with limited edition items. Knowing how creative these women are, I was quite excited to see what they would come up with.

Their first theme is called Happy Harajuku, which totally pleases me as I love harajuku items. When I popped into the shop last night I wanted everything but reality finally set in and I had to decide what I absolutely had to have. 🙂

There is a quantity of 500 for each item and once they are gone, you’re out of luck, so hurry down if you want something before they’re all gone.

I’m going to let my pictures do the talking; a few of the photos are of me wearing the items I bought and I took photos of a few other items in the store.

  • There are 3 skins, I chose Harajuju Kiss and you’ll see it in the pictures of me below (comes with 2 lips – color and nude, light and dark brow and teeth so a total of 8 skins plus 4 eyebrow shapes). There is also Harajuku Fun and Harajuki Love.
  • There are the adorable Kawaii Tees, 3 packs of 3 t-shirts each. I got packs 2 and 3 and you receive long and short versions on all the layers. I’m wearing a tee from pack 2 with cute unicorns.
  • The fun Mesh Cloudy Earrings (includes 7 variations).
  • There’s the Mesh Tote Bags – 6 different styles with 3 colours in each style.
  • The huggable Teddy Bear Hoodies (mesh) in a multitude of colours. I’m wearing a group gift that was available for a limited time for Atomic VIP members (it’s gone now I believe).
  • And lastly, the Nom Nom hat. I show the pink below but there are a total of 6 colours to choose from.

[A] Limited

[A] Limited - Teddy Bear Hoodie

[A] Limited - Nom Nom Hat

[A] Limited - Mesh Cloudy Earrings

[A] Limited - Kawaii Tees, Pack 1

[A] Limited - Kawaii Tees, Pack 2

[A] Limited - Kawaii Tees, Pack 3


skin: [A] Limited – Harajuku Kiss
eyes: Panda Express – Bright Eyes, Earth
hair: Elikatira – Early
t-shirt: [A] Limited – Kawaii Tees – pack 2
hoodie: [A] Limited – Teddy Bear Hoodies
pants: Atomic – ❤ Corduroy
necklace: Tuli – Silver Cross
poses: Storin and Reel Expression

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