Newness from Gauze

Yukio Ida graced me with the task of showcasing her newest version of her skins. These are basics packs with updates since the first version. The body shading and facial shading has been redone on all skins and you have a wide array of skin tones to choose from.

I want to show you the Human V2.0 basics pack. I tried really hard to style each skin pack with a particular look and I did close ups of each of the different skin tones faces.
Futuristic Human
I was going for a futuristic human look and I loved how it came out. Most of the items I am wearing in this picture are from Gauze. Below are the close ups I did of the different skin tones.

Styling the Goblin was probably the hardest thing for me to do. I really had no idea what to do but I think I found a solution.
Below are the facial close ups for each skintone. After looking at each tone I really fell in love with this series. I couldn’t decide which of the 4 goblin skin tones I loved the most but I’m leaning towards Moss.

Ok this is when I lose my professionalism and declare that I freakin love the Drow skintones. I went for a Drow Necromancer because I have had this outfit in my inventory and haven’t had the opportunity to blog it yet.
Drow Necromancer
I personally favor the Drow skin tones the most and I know that my friend Hideyuki will say I’m a halfbreed drow because I like to wear the paler versions. But the variations in tones are perfection, hell you can wear Thistle and Snow and rp a vamp/goth if you wanted to.

Last but not least I selected a skin tone from each series and tried to showcase the full body, sorry I forgot to do booty shots but I guarantee the shading on the backside is awesome.

I may be jumping the gun with this post, it appears my dearest Yukio has fallen asleep from working non-stop on these skins but they should be out within the next couple of days.

Outfit Details:
Skins: Gauze V2.0 basics Human, Goblin, and Drow
Eyebrows & Cleavage: Gauze Warrior Eyebrows & Cleavages for each skin type
Hairs: Wasabi Pills Shiori and Anais, Magika Electricity and Flourish, Gauze Relia, Shag Pipeline
Ears: Gauze Mythic Ear =Jewelry Spiked= Drows version & High Elf Ear =Jewelry Bane= Drows version
Eyes: Gauze Apollo, Chus Twilight – Ghost, Chus Twilight – Ice & Twilight Lake & Spawn
Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (mesh rigged)
Heels: Pixelmode Baby T’s – teal
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Wanderlust Boots – black
Human Outfit: Pieces from the following: Graves Gravity, Graves Defense, and Graves Crossfire
Drow Outfit: Deviance – Necromancer – Mystic Mini Pack
Goblin Outfit: Defectiva Original Sin – Wrath Boxed
Poses Used: Lasaki & Oracul

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