Goth types – TradGoth

I was 18/19 when I was first introduced to goth in the early ’80s through music. Ever since, I’ve loved anything goth; but there are quite a few different types that fall under the goth genre, from cybergoth to romantic goth to j-goth, etc.

The next little while I’m going to bring you a few of the different types, starting with TradGoth (traditional goth). TradGoth values the traditional scene from it’s earliest days which evolved from the punk scene.

The fashion is based on the look of the period which was heavily influenced by punk – fishnets, piercings, heavy makeup and huge hair, with a bit of bondage wear thrown in. And lots of BLACK.

Music of the time were bands like Sisters of Mercy, Siouxie and the Banshees, Velvet Underground, The Cult (early days), etc.



credit list

skin: Curio – Jasmine – Mysterious 2
eyes: Illusory – Eyes 03
makeup: Tuli – Beautymarks // Miasnow – Purple/Fushia/Pink Eyeshadow // Pididdle – Cheek Definition
nails: Curious Kitties – Black Snow Nail Polish
hair base: 99 Elephants – Shaved Base Black
hair: Black Maria – Rius, Black/Purple
tops: Snatch – Bandeau Fishnet // broken – Gothic Sheer Shirt Graveyard // Atomic – Sheer Comfort Tank Black // Zaara – Naina Destroyed Shurg
pants: Razorblade Jacket – Angel Patch Jeans w/Fishnet
boots: Sinistyle – Deception Boots
bracelets: Snatch – Leather Spiked Bangles & No 9 Bracelets
earrings: Plastic Flowers – Flesh Hoops
piercings: Ommik – WL16
belt: SP – Scull Fashion Belt
necklace: Tuli – Silver Cross

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