Goth types – The Romantic Goth

Romantic goths tend to focus on the dark and mysterious world of gothic created in Victorian literature and movies. They love old graveyards, black roses and crumbling skulls. Fashionwise, you can find them draped in lots of velvet and lace; dark flowy clothing (usually Victorian or Medieval inspired). Musically, they lean towards more of a “brooding” type of music, listening to such bands as All About Eve, Muse, Sisters of Mercy and the Cure, etc.



skin: Illusory – Paige Winter
eyes: Illusory – Eyes 03
makeup: Illusory – Lovelips Eclipse // Atomic – 2.0 Victim Makeup eyes // Tuli – Eyeliner
hair: Shag – Siren
outfit: Evie’s Closet – Melusine Gown
boots: G Field – Short Laceup Boots
jewelry: Snatch – Languid Gothic Choker & Earrings
pose: DM
location: Transylvania

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