Goth types – Cybergoth

When people thing goth, they usually picture dark colours and dark heavy music. But Cybergoths are the complete opposite. They love bright neon colours and dance music.

Cybergoth evolved from the Industrial music scene. Some of the popular bands are 3kStatic, Dasandyman, Immaculata, etc. The cyber scene is huge and continues to garner popularity.

Identifying cybergoths is easy: look for wildly insane hair styles and colours (usually ponytails and dreads), bright neon colours, goggles, futuristic looking clothing, high platform boots and shoes with glowing bits and pieces.




skin: Illusory – Paige Winger
eyes: Illusory – eyes 03
makeup: Miasnow – Eyeshadow Purple/Fushia/Pink
hair: Ploom – Lola Blackberry
outfit: A&Y Bunker – Synthetic Cyber Outfit, Pink
goggles: A&Y Bunker – Cyber Glasses
mask: A&Y Bunker – Cyber Gas Mask Anarchy
boots: Lonemake – Girls Boots
pose: pda

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