My Inner Elf

I’ve long wanted to be an elf, even before the Lord of the Rings movies came out. After reading the “Magician” series of books by Raymond Feist is when it happened where I still harbour a secret crush on an elf called Galain. Of course, he is a good elf whereas I am a Drow (or dark elf in those books). I like to think of Drow’s as the goth’s of the elven race.

This shoot is in response to the NWN MMORPG blogger challenger. I’ve not played these type of games (though I have tried several times, I don’t seem to be able to get the hang of it). If I did manage to get into how to play I most definitely want to be some type of magic user (be it sorceress, necromancer, mage, etc) and of course be of the elven race.

I am wearing the beautifully made Necromancer outfit from Deviance with the wonderful drow skin and eyes from Mynerva. I shot the photos at The Arcanum sim.




skin, ears, eyes: Mynerva – Drow (from the Platinum Hunt) – no longer available
hair: Lelutka – Swish – almost goth
tattoo: Hybrid Prod – Crusader
outfit: Deviance – Necromancer – blue
poses: sinDecade
location: The Arcanum


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