Zero Gravity

Feels like coming home
After traveling a million miles
I am not alone
Searching for the starlight in the darkest skies

A complex surface
Laid out right before our eyes
Everything makes sense
Now that you are by my side

I’m as light as I can be
You got me feeling weightless
You take me on an odyssey
You got me feeling weightless

You make me float free
My love for you is endless
No ties are binding me
Oh onto zero gravity
–Lyrics by Kerli

There are times when I log in with outrageous ideas and I get lucky that I have awesome friends who create the perfect items I need, and great friends to guide me in the right direction on where to go shopping.

On this journey I took my usual partner in crime, Phire Zuhra, and we went for a cybergoth-space hookerish look. I wanted to get the essence of what Kerli showcases in her music and her video. Any cybergoth knows that you can’t complete your look without a rockin corset or some ground stomping platform boots. The stores we are showcasing in our post are Adore & Abhor, A&Y Cyberbunker, Gauze, Leafy, and Alice Project.

Enter Lola…..walking around the promenade looking for trouble. What kind of chaos can this gogo dancer get herself into while off her last double-shift? Well have you met her friend Phire, yeah lets just say the two of them together is chaos.

LOL LOL I'm not gonna put this one on the blog
See….Lola is what we call shy about her assets. She knows how to dress her curves to garner attention from and space cowboy that enters the Cyber Galaxy Lounge. Phire on the other hand is more a face forward kind of gal if you get my drift.

Here they are acting like they are just leisurely hanging around the club, but guess what?? They are up to no good as always. That Lola is the instigator and she doesn’t know when to stop.

Oh you want a close-up? Well here you go….you can look but you better not touch!!! Rule #1 when you attend Cyber Galaxy Lounge, never touch the dancers, or you end up getting beaten by these 2 lovely girls. I bet you think that sounds swell….I dare you to come in the club!!!!

……to be continued

The things we wear:
on Phire:
Pants: :::Sn@tch Sequin Latex Capris (Hot Pink-P)::: (Ivey Deschanel)
Boots: +>A&A<+ Gogo Galaxy – ML – Marooned (Airedine Poe)
Corset: A&Y Victorian Vinyl Corset – multicolor
Jewelry: :::Sn@tch Galaxy Girl Collar and Cuff ::: (Ivey Deschanel)
Hair: [Gauze] Strider – Color-ified (Yukio Ida)
Skin: *L* Amethyst – Cream – Marionette – Imperial – DB – CL (Kaethe Dryssen
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes
Friends Pose: GLITTERATI – Awkward Silence

on Lola:
Boots: +>A&A<+ Galaxy – SL-Ultraviolet (Airedine Poe)
Corset: A&Y Victorian Vinyl Corset – multicolor
Skin: *Leafy* Amethyst – Cream – Marionette – Nightshade – DB – CL (Kaethe Dryssen)
Hair: Alice Project – Steph II – White/Rainbow RARE (Alice Demonia)
Pants: Graves Defense Set – Black (Jackie Graves)
Eyes: [Gauze] Deity Eyes – Apollo (Yukio Ida)
Lashes: Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Ears: TRAP & ni.ju pierced Gelf ears (Selos Dae & Vitani Jun)

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