Back to Severed Gardens

It’s been almost a year since I blogged Severed Gardens and found myself back in the shop a few weeks ago when I saw the Janis outfit on flickr. I’m a sucker for 60’s/70’s hippie looks and had to go pick it up. I also picked up 2 other newish outfits and found myself back there today for the brand new summer maxi dress.

Severed Gardens’ whimsical creations come from the minds of Berta Avro & Bubi Bolissima, who are brilliant, IMO. I love all the little extras you get with your outfits and have been pleased with all my purchases.

To say I’m excited to see what they come out with next is an understatement. 😉

Severed Gardens

Severed Gardens

Severed Gardens

Severed Gardens


outfit: Severed Gardens – Janis (includes tambourine, jewelry, hair piece) / skin: Ugly Duck – Soko, Drowsy / eyes: Hermony – MP Eyes, Sky / makeup: Tuli – Beautymarks & Eyeliners / hair: LaViere – Gisele / shoes: Shiny Things – Boho Sandals / pose:

outfit: Severed Gardens – Demy Aqua (includes umbrella, hat, boots, cowl) / skin: Ugly Duck – Soko, Drowsy / eyes: Hermony – MP Eyes, Sky / makeup: Tuli – Beautymarks & Eyeliners / hair: Wasabi Pills – Matchgirl / pose: Oracul

outfit: Severed Gardens – Nana Dark (includes headband, glasses, shoes, purse) / skin: Fresh Face – Charlotte, Snow / eyes: Illusory – Eyes 03 / makeup: Tuli – Beautymarks & Eyeliners and Illusory – Love Lips, Purple / hair: [elikatira] – Again, Brown 8 / pose: pda

outfit: Severed Gardens – Jamila Earth (includes hair piece & arm band but I forgot to wear them, oopps) / skin: Ugly Duck – Soko, Drowsy / eyes: Illusory – Eyes 03 / makeup: Tuli – Beautymarks & Eyeliners and Illusory – Love Lips, Brown / hair: Lamb – Sweet Jane, Honeycomb / shoes: Shiny Things – Boho Sandals / jewelry – EarthStones – Triple Hippie Bracelet / pose: flowey

Fallen Gods @ Fantasy Faire 2013

If you have been around the RP genre for a while you will know that Fallen Gods is one of those places that caters to all different types of RP. They were the first store to premiere the petite avatars and every year they come up with novel ideas on how to portray the fae. This time around there is a lovely set of Dryad Avatars being offered as the RFL item. You still have one more day to snag this adorable avatar. Just in case you were wondering, a Dryad is forest nymph that spends its lifetime living within a tree. If for some reason that tree dies, the nymph dies with it. Therefore in ancient lore, it was absolutely forbidden to kill trees or you would feel the wrath of the gods.

This is the story of Illari, she lived in the forest of magic. She would only come down from her tree during the night to frolic with her fellow dryads.
FallenGods RFL Item for FF2013

They always had the most magnificent times together but once a human was detected in the perimeter they all fled to their homes. This was the first time that Illari was a little far to reach her home in saftety. So she tried to hide in the brush.
FallenGods RFL Item for FF2013

Out of nowhere a human spotted her and she ran as fast as she could until she was no longer covered by brush and trees. She plead to the ground to assist her and it did. She was safely moved to her home.
FallenGods RFL Item for FF2013

Illari lived that day and learned her lesson. Never stray too far from your home.

Review Items:
PETITES Female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Spirit Dryads (BOX) – found on Magnificat sim

Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* Standing Pretty and On the Ground

TRAP,Gauze, & ni.ju @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Hai guys! Just a few more days until Fantasy Faire ends so try and visit the sims they are all so beautiful. Give the sims a few minutes to rezz and you will see everything. Today I’m showcasing items from TRAP, ni.ju, and Gauze. The creators behind these brands are extremely nice and so talented.

The first thing I want to show you is the RFL items. I took pictures of their vendors to make things easy.
As you can see there are some amazing items up for sale to benefit RFL. I fell in love with Selo’s Fades skins and Yukio’s Pauldron set. Vitani’s necklace was just the perfect accessory to top off the look.

My first look I chose to wear the Fades skin in Violet by Trap. I am also wearing the new demon ram horns with the older version of the gelf ears.
TRAP, ni.ju, & Gauze @ FF 2013
I wanted to portray myself as a demon of the night going around and slaughtering my enemies in their sleep. See how much I love my katana.

The second look features the two RFL items by Gauze: the Pauldron set and the Ultraviolet skin. I am also wearing the new horns by TRAP and the updated Gelf ears in this look. The Pauldron Set comes with a hud so that you can change the color of the glowing eyes and other parts very easily. The Ultraviolet skin comes with both Male/Female options and includes a striking tattoo layer to be worn on the skin. I am also wearing a tattoo layer that accents the face. As you may have noticed I’m wearing hair that seems to work perfectly with the Demon Ram Horns and the Basic Blend Horns. This hair is called “Apsu” and comes in several color options.
TRAP, ni.ju, & Gauze @ FF 2013
LOL don’t you just wonder where do I store these wonderful weapons while attacking my enemies. Its called magic, my character can conjure up any fighting tool within seconds.

The last photo is a closeup of the Gauze skin and Facial tattoo, TRAP Gelf Ears & Basic Blend Horns, and piercings/necklace by ni.ju.
TRAP, ni.ju, & Gauze @ FF 2013
You also get a closer view of the Pauldron set and its amazing detail.

I urge you to check out these items for yourself at Fantasy Faire, they are located on the Titan’s Hollow sim.

Review Items: all items can be found on Titan’s Hollow sim

  • [Gauze] Apsu – Gems
  • [Gauze] Fenrir -Pauldron
  • [ni.Ju] Bottled Shard Necklace . aquatic
  • [][]Trap[][] Demon Ram Horns Black
  • [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Gelf Ears High Pierced
  • [][]Trap[][] Fade Violet F
  • [Gauze] Child of Tiamat Face Tattoo
  • [Gauze] intensity – F – Meteo
  • [Gauze] Apsu – Color-ified
  • [][]Trap[][] Gelf Ears Low
  • [][]Trap[][] Smooth Blend Horns small curve
  • [Gauze] UV – Ultraviolet – F

Outfit Info:

Poses: F*cking Ninjas on Ravenshard sim

Unzipped @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Destany Laval of Unzipped has released this lovely new outfit as a RFL exclusive item. The outfit is called “Earth Malo – Cobalt Orange”. The textures on the outfit are breathtaking. And the outfit comes with everything seen in the picture except skin and eyes.
Unzipped @ FF 2013

This particular outfit can be worn in several ways. The above version is a more elegant look and the image below shows how if you take off the skirt portion you are left with a lovely silhouette. The pants layer is black leather pants and it accents the outfit perfectly. Perfect for RP as a Huntress.
Unzipped @ FF 2013

Another wear option is wearing another pants layer that showcases more of your legs. The way the outfit is created it elongates your frame adding to the alluring beauty of the outfit.
Unzipped @ FF 2013

Review Item:
.:UnZipped Earth Malo Colbalt Orange – RFL Item – available at Crimson Fields

Items Worn:
~Alchemy~ Mage Skin – Female – Natural
Chus Star Sonata Lens in Glacier

Poses by Oracul

FATEwear & ni.ju @ Fantasy Faire 2013

As some of you are aware, Fantasy Faire began yesterday. I hope you have been able to see the creative builds and explore the extensive amount of vendors. Tonight I am showcasing items from FATEwear and a necklace from ni.ju

When I first saw the previews of these items on Damian Fate’s plurk timeline, I immediately had visions of Lord of the Rings and I knew exactly how I wanted to style these items. I was lucky enough to be given the honor of receiving blogger copies so I was a tad ecstatic. There are three outfits, two for males and one for females. Each outfit is available in three colors. There are two elven styled outfits and one for mages.

Up first is the female elven outfit. The outfit is called “Rochon” and is all mesh. You can either go barefoot or accessorize with a nice pair of boots. I also accessorized this outfit with a necklace from ni.ju since it fit the style perfectly. So when you think of elves featured in Lord of The Rings they all had beautiful white/silvery hair so I found one that I thought gave an asthetic appeal to the outfit.
Fateware @ FF 2013

The second outfit is called “Feredir” which sounds like such a strong male elven character name. You can wear this outfit in two ways: with or without cloak. No shoes are necessary the entire outfit is one piece. I had a few looky loo’s while I was taking this picture and some girl was hitting on me….so I’m guessing my boy shape ain’t half bad lol.
Fateware @ FF 2013

The last outfit is called “Ithron” and this is what I have deemed a typical mage/magician outfit. Usually magicians are quite older and experienced with how the world works. The mage I created is barely entering his elder years so he is still in the process of learning all that is to be known. I’m wearing a skin from Sacred Skins that comes with facial hair.
Fateware @ FF 2013

Review Items:

Other Items Worn:

  • +Nuuna+ Tiia makeup purple
  • >TRUTH< Lori (Mesh) – pearl
  • lassitude & ennui Embroidered boots F / M / black silver
  • [Gauze] High Elf Ear =Jewelry:Bane=
  • [ni.Ju] Bottled Shard Necklace . ultraviolet – at Titan’s Hollow
  • [][]Trap[][] Roco Stain F Tone01
  • Chus Star Sonata Lens in Glacier
  • AITUI – Etched Hair Base – Monumentum – 001 – Black
  • [Shag] – Solitary Man – bistre
  • ATOG – 001 – T1 – Beard – Hair

Fresh Face’s Charlotte Skin

Hello, I’m back again with another post on Fresh Face’s Charlotte skin. I’d like to show you the 4 skin tones Charlotte comes in (from lightest to darkest); Snow, Natural, Olive and Caramel.

As you can see in the photo below on the right (no matter which tone you choose), Charlotte is a youthful, girl next door look. To the left in the photo, I’m wearing the Snow tone and wore some basic makeup I usually wear everyday – some eyeliner, beauty marks and lipstick. I’ve gone from the girl next door to a rather sexy young lady.

Though this makeup isn’t from Fresh Face, I do believe we will see some from them in the future for their skins.

Charlotte Skin by Fresh Face


skin: Fresh Face – Charlotte
eyes: Illusory Eyes – 03
hair: [elikatira] – Again, brown 8
hair band: Severed Garden – part of the Nana Dark outfit
makeup: Illusory – Love Lips, Purples // Tuli – Beauty Marks and Eyeliners

FallnAngel Creations @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Just less than one more day and Fantasy Faire will open for everyone to see. From what I hear the sims are extremely beautiful and I can’t wait to see them. This morning I am going to showcase to you items from FallAngel Creations. FallnAngel Creations has proved to be one of those brands with staying power, their items cater to RP avatars. The items I was given to showcase are extremely stunning so lets get started with the pictures.

FallnAngel Creations & !Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2013
Up first is this lovely dress with rainbow accents. I loved how beautiful the textures were and the creativity in the arrangement of the flowers. This outfit is called “Calena Gown” and this is the FF Exclusive Rainbow version.

Up next are the “Arilia Boots” in a special FF Exclusive Rainbow version. When I first put them on I was like “Hey! Where is my rainbow boots of awesome?” but once my eye stopped tweaking I realized that the boots randomly cycle through several colors, so in essence they are rainbow boots. I loved that they cycled through different colors and this is definitely a creative idea. The boots are about knee-high length with stiletto heels and a sexy zipper up the back.
FallnAngel Creations & !Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Now this dress is the more gothic version of the “Calena Gown” and it is an Fantasy Faire Exclusive version of Black/Red. The dress is so beautiful and I loved the blood red roses.
FallnAngel Creations & !Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2013

So I’m dubbing this particular pose as Prince dorkbutt. The outfit is another Fantasy Faire Exclusive Item and is the “Elliott Suit”. I loved the lovely layers of the coat and rich vivid colors. The intricate detailing on the coat showcases a more distinguished look.
FallnAngel Creations & !Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Last but not least, the RFL Item for Fantasy Faire. When I saw this item I immediately fell in love with this outfit. I am always looking for beautiful silks and when I saw this outfit it was like a dream come true. Now that I’m looking at the picture I think I may have overstretched the skirt piece but it still looks awesome. The sheer fabric, intricate details on the bodice. This outfit is perfect for fantasy RP.
FallnAngel Creations & !Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Review Items:

  • !Musa! EyeShadow Tarja – available at Magnificat during FF 2013
  • FallnAirliaBootsRainbowFFExclusive – Gift – available @ Crimson Fields during FF 2013
  • FallnCalenaGownFFExclusiveBlackRed – Gift – available @ Crimson Fields during FF 2013
  • FallnCalenaGownFFExclusiveRainbow – Gift – available @ Crimson Fields during FF 2013
  • FallnElliottSuitFFExclusive – Gift – available @ Crimson Fields during FF 2013
  • FallnSatyiaDressFFExclusive – Gift – available @ Crimson Fields during FF 2013

Items Worn:

Poses: !Musa! Gown Poses & Fantasy Poses – available at Magnificat Sim once FF 2013 opens

Plastik & Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Just one more until Fantasy Faire 2013 begins, I am sure you are just excited as I am to see what new items will be offered. Today I will be showcasing the new skins from Plastik and some fantasy poses by Musa!.

As always you can always count on Aikea to create the most colorful line in skins especially when it comes to her fantasy skin lines. The Arkasia Skin line features so many options but it is particularly created for the mer-world in SL. I thought I would go a bit different and stray away from the typical mermaid look and transformed my av into a Water Nymph. I figured it would be cute to wear the skin with the scale options. The skin pack contains several tattoo layer options for head tiaras, lipstick, blush, etc… I loved the variety in this pack because you can customize the skin to make it unique to your look.
Plastik & Musa @ Fantasy Faire 2013

I teleported to one of my fave spots to take pictures, World’s End Garden. To my surprise they had redone the area since the last time I had visited. Now its a underwater area and has wonderful places to take pictures. The following two pictures I took near a area that had bubbles simulating that I was underwater.
Plastik & Musa @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Plastik & Musa @ Fantasy Faire 2013

I loved these skins and I really had a hard time deciding on which color to blog. I chose the turqa skin because the color was so rich and vibrant and would look awesome in the outfits by Evie’s Closet. I urge you to check out these skins, the detail is absolutely breathtaking. Also, Musa! is a new to me store and from what I see so far they have a promising future in SL. They have unique fantasy poses and beautiful makeup.

Review Items:

  • :[P]:-The Arkasia Skins:// Turqa @ Eversong Woods Fantasy Faire 2013
  • !Musa! Enchanted Moon Pose FF2013 @ Magnificat Fantasy Faire 2013
  • !Musa! Dance with Sylph Pose FF2013 @ Magnificat Fantasy Faire 2013

Items Worn:

  • ::Exile::Sea of Love: Wildcards
  • +PE+Tentacle Hair
  • Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
  • *EC* Lumina Mermaid – Water Nymph (Aqua)

Location: World’s End Garden

Yabusaka @ Fantasy Faire 2013

As some of you know, Fantasy Faire is approaching in a couple days (4/20/13, Saturday) and I am happy to showcase to you two of the most adorable avatars by Yabusaka. As many of us know, Yabusaka is the creator behind those super cute petite avatars and has collaborated with many skin designers in SL to bring you unique avatars.

The first avatar is Pookabi Avatar A, which is the most adorable kitty avatar I have seen. Normally I’m not a fan of cats in general but when I put on the avatar I immediately fell in love with the big eyes. To me it was like that moment when Puss in Boots took off his hat and used his big eyes of cuteness. I actually wanted to do a Puss in Boots look but finding male clothing for Yabusaka Baby boy’s seemed quite difficult. There are tons of cute looks for boys, but I had a hard time finding RP looks and gothic looks. So I decided to dress my kitty in outfits by Bare Rose. Both of these outfits are available at the Yabusaka Baby Mall as well as the Pookabi A avatar (retails at 795L).

Yabusaka @ Fantasy Faire 2013
The two styles I chose are gothic lolita and decora. These are actually two styles I loved to wear when I first started in Second Life. The decora outfit was customly fitted for the Yabusaka Kitty Av so I had to get it. Yabusaka includes a Hud that allows you to customize your avatar and also includes files to customize your fur. I looked on marketplace and saw a few mods so far. I’m sure once more people see these avatars there will be more clothing and mods.

The Second Avatar is Pookabi Avatar B, which will be available at Fantasy Faire. When I opened up this package I was like omg a cute little pug. The avatar comes with a hud that allows you to control eye glimmer and tongue. At the moment there are no mods for the Pookabi B avatar but I can see mods coming up soon. I wanted to dress my pug avatar as a boy but I was going for gothic looks. I ended up with a somewhat casual look and a elegant gothic look.
Yabusaka @ Fantasy Faire 2013
These outfits I found on marketplace, I did a search for Yabusaka Baby Boy and found these results. LOL and let me tell you, search on marketplace is the suck. Really I typed in boy, why was I getting princess outfits. Anywhoo, these are the looks I found and I think they look adorable on the pug avatar. I used hair from Tukinowaguma, which currently has a grand reopening sale at the moment.

Check out Yabusaka’s creations on the Magnificat sim once Fantasy Faire opens on Saturday 4/20/13. You will fall in love with these avatars like I have and dressing them will be just as fun.

Review Items:

  • Pookabi mesh avatar A — kitty one — available at mainstore
  • Pookabi mesh avatar B — pug one — available at Fantasy Faire on Magnificat Sim


Hair Worn:

Poses by Glitterati

Fresh Face skins… a young, youthful look

Fresh Face is a fairly new skin brand that caters to a young, youthful look. I don’t believe they have an in-world store yet but you can find them on marketplace. Today I’m bringing you Charlotte; a very cute, girl-next-door teen skin. I have to say when I slipped into the skin I loved the face right away. I didn’t have to make any tiny adjustments like I sometimes do with some skins.

The skin has lovely highlights in the right places but I would like to see a bit of highlight on the shoulders and on the inside of the arms but that probably is just my on peculiarity. 😉 I’m going to mention 2 things I noticed right off that I loved; the eyebrows and nails. I’ve worn skins that have horrible nails but these are a nice shape and nicely manicured for SL nails. (I’m not one who wears a lot of nail polish or mesh hands.) I also love the thicker brows, I’m not a pencil thin brow fan.

Charlotte comes in 4 skin tones – Snow, Natural, Olive and Caramel, and with each skin you receive small and large breast sizes, cleavage and Lolas Tango appliers, as well as a mod shape. I’m wearing the Natural skin tone below.

Some things I’d like to see in future would be makeups (hint, hint) and freckles. I’m a freckle freak and would love to have a freckle layer or tattoo so I can wear them when I want.

I look forward to seeing more skins from Fresh Face. They are off to a very good start.




skin: Fresh Face – Charlotte, Natural
eyes: Hermoney – MP Eyes, Sky
hair: Truth – Drew, Coffee
bikini: Boom – Malibukini, Orange
bracelet: Earthstones – Hippie Triple Bracelet
pose: LAP