Fresh Face skins… a young, youthful look

Fresh Face is a fairly new skin brand that caters to a young, youthful look. I don’t believe they have an in-world store yet but you can find them on marketplace. Today I’m bringing you Charlotte; a very cute, girl-next-door teen skin. I have to say when I slipped into the skin I loved the face right away. I didn’t have to make any tiny adjustments like I sometimes do with some skins.

The skin has lovely highlights in the right places but I would like to see a bit of highlight on the shoulders and on the inside of the arms but that probably is just my on peculiarity. 😉 I’m going to mention 2 things I noticed right off that I loved; the eyebrows and nails. I’ve worn skins that have horrible nails but these are a nice shape and nicely manicured for SL nails. (I’m not one who wears a lot of nail polish or mesh hands.) I also love the thicker brows, I’m not a pencil thin brow fan.

Charlotte comes in 4 skin tones – Snow, Natural, Olive and Caramel, and with each skin you receive small and large breast sizes, cleavage and Lolas Tango appliers, as well as a mod shape. I’m wearing the Natural skin tone below.

Some things I’d like to see in future would be makeups (hint, hint) and freckles. I’m a freckle freak and would love to have a freckle layer or tattoo so I can wear them when I want.

I look forward to seeing more skins from Fresh Face. They are off to a very good start.




skin: Fresh Face – Charlotte, Natural
eyes: Hermoney – MP Eyes, Sky
hair: Truth – Drew, Coffee
bikini: Boom – Malibukini, Orange
bracelet: Earthstones – Hippie Triple Bracelet
pose: LAP

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