TRAP,Gauze, & ni.ju @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Hai guys! Just a few more days until Fantasy Faire ends so try and visit the sims they are all so beautiful. Give the sims a few minutes to rezz and you will see everything. Today I’m showcasing items from TRAP, ni.ju, and Gauze. The creators behind these brands are extremely nice and so talented.

The first thing I want to show you is the RFL items. I took pictures of their vendors to make things easy.
As you can see there are some amazing items up for sale to benefit RFL. I fell in love with Selo’s Fades skins and Yukio’s Pauldron set. Vitani’s necklace was just the perfect accessory to top off the look.

My first look I chose to wear the Fades skin in Violet by Trap. I am also wearing the new demon ram horns with the older version of the gelf ears.
TRAP, ni.ju, & Gauze @ FF 2013
I wanted to portray myself as a demon of the night going around and slaughtering my enemies in their sleep. See how much I love my katana.

The second look features the two RFL items by Gauze: the Pauldron set and the Ultraviolet skin. I am also wearing the new horns by TRAP and the updated Gelf ears in this look. The Pauldron Set comes with a hud so that you can change the color of the glowing eyes and other parts very easily. The Ultraviolet skin comes with both Male/Female options and includes a striking tattoo layer to be worn on the skin. I am also wearing a tattoo layer that accents the face. As you may have noticed I’m wearing hair that seems to work perfectly with the Demon Ram Horns and the Basic Blend Horns. This hair is called “Apsu” and comes in several color options.
TRAP, ni.ju, & Gauze @ FF 2013
LOL don’t you just wonder where do I store these wonderful weapons while attacking my enemies. Its called magic, my character can conjure up any fighting tool within seconds.

The last photo is a closeup of the Gauze skin and Facial tattoo, TRAP Gelf Ears & Basic Blend Horns, and piercings/necklace by ni.ju.
TRAP, ni.ju, & Gauze @ FF 2013
You also get a closer view of the Pauldron set and its amazing detail.

I urge you to check out these items for yourself at Fantasy Faire, they are located on the Titan’s Hollow sim.

Review Items: all items can be found on Titan’s Hollow sim

  • [Gauze] Apsu – Gems
  • [Gauze] Fenrir -Pauldron
  • [ni.Ju] Bottled Shard Necklace . aquatic
  • [][]Trap[][] Demon Ram Horns Black
  • [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Gelf Ears High Pierced
  • [][]Trap[][] Fade Violet F
  • [Gauze] Child of Tiamat Face Tattoo
  • [Gauze] intensity – F – Meteo
  • [Gauze] Apsu – Color-ified
  • [][]Trap[][] Gelf Ears Low
  • [][]Trap[][] Smooth Blend Horns small curve
  • [Gauze] UV – Ultraviolet – F

Outfit Info:

Poses: F*cking Ninjas on Ravenshard sim


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