Fallen Gods @ Fantasy Faire 2013

If you have been around the RP genre for a while you will know that Fallen Gods is one of those places that caters to all different types of RP. They were the first store to premiere the petite avatars and every year they come up with novel ideas on how to portray the fae. This time around there is a lovely set of Dryad Avatars being offered as the RFL item. You still have one more day to snag this adorable avatar. Just in case you were wondering, a Dryad is forest nymph that spends its lifetime living within a tree. If for some reason that tree dies, the nymph dies with it. Therefore in ancient lore, it was absolutely forbidden to kill trees or you would feel the wrath of the gods.

This is the story of Illari, she lived in the forest of magic. She would only come down from her tree during the night to frolic with her fellow dryads.
FallenGods RFL Item for FF2013

They always had the most magnificent times together but once a human was detected in the perimeter they all fled to their homes. This was the first time that Illari was a little far to reach her home in saftety. So she tried to hide in the brush.
FallenGods RFL Item for FF2013

Out of nowhere a human spotted her and she ran as fast as she could until she was no longer covered by brush and trees. She plead to the ground to assist her and it did. She was safely moved to her home.
FallenGods RFL Item for FF2013

Illari lived that day and learned her lesson. Never stray too far from your home.

Review Items:
PETITES Female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Spirit Dryads (BOX) – found on Magnificat sim

Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* Standing Pretty and On the Ground

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