Malfean Visions [M.V.] & A.D.D. Andel are full of awesome

So once again I was stalking Lokii’s store. She just loves it when I scoot around everywhere. Any ways I found some new epic awesomeness in her store and also I wanted to showcase her free t-shirt she had out for PRIDE awareness event. Not only did I buy alot of new items at Lokii’s store (Malfean Visions) I also hit up Andel’s store.

My photo Backdrop
As you can see in the above picture I wanted to create a photo backdrop that complimented the items I got from A.D.D Andel and also other items through several rounds at the Arcade Gacha. I have been called a gacha addict and a hoarder but really my friends just don’t understand the need to have all the things 😛

So I have a few outfits to show you, up first is a outfit I made from separates available at [M.V.]. When I saw the corset featuring a lovely skull and it also had the option to use LOLA appliers I pulled out mah fake boobs for the post for this particular outfit. The skirt and boots were this weeks 60L sale items. If you are quick you can catch them before a new set of awesome 60L items are put out on Saturday.
Malfean Visions

Up next is a beautiful outfit. I love the corset top and the long skirt. I have a little obsession with items in sl that have zippers so when I saw the zipper on the skirt I squeed and was told by my son to stop buying so much ROFL. This outfit is all mesh so I urge you to try demos. I didn’t wear shoes with this outfit because I mean who wants to wear shoes that interfere with the beauty of the dress.
Malfean Visions

Ok so I have been eyeing this outfit for quite a while but wasn’t sure I would love it. Well I took the plunge and bought it and OMG look how sexy I look in it. I love the colors and the best part is the zombie decor around the skirt. What you can’t see are the awesome zombie shoes I bought to go with the outfit.
Malfean Visions

The last outfit is a personal fave, not because the t-shirt was FREE but because I loved the message on the shirt “I can’t think straight” because honestly I believe that we as human beings are capable to love both genders in our own ways. The shirt is available at PRIDE but I’m not sure how long that will be. Yes I’m a bad blogger I forgot to check the timeframe of the event.
Malfean Visions

So what am I saying in this blogpost is this, take a chance and explore some stores you probably have never heard of before. I am pretty sure they will have something that will fit your needs. A.D.D. Andel has a wide variety of home & garden items and she puts so much detail into her work. [M.V.] isn’t just a Goth-only type of store she encompasses all trends but adds her own twist to it.

Decorative Items

  • A.D.D.Andel! April Showers Wall Hanging (prior Lazy Sunday item)
  • A.D.D.Andel! Wall Flowers Wall Hanging (prior Lazy Sunday item)
  • A.D.D. Andel! Fantasy Plants (Gacha @ Mainstore)
  • A.D.D. Andel! Fortune Telling Ball (Gacha @ Mainstore)
  • Second Spaces Honeycomb Wall – blue/green (bxd)
  • Second Spaces – Game Night – Backgammon (Arcade Gacha until 6/30/13)
  • DIGS – Skyline Relief Blocks – New York & San Francisco (Arcade Gacha until 6/30/13)
  • Scarlet Creative – RARE Mixed Wood Long Unit (Prior Arcade Gacha Item)
  • Scarlet Creative – Chevron Dark Rug (Prior Arcade Gacha Item)
  • Alouette – The Bibliotheque Chair (prior Arcade Gacha Item)
  • Alouette – Owly Bookshelf
  • Commoner – Grown Up Rocking Horses (Arcade Gacha until 6/30/13)
  • Schadenfreude – Dress Forms – Octopus & Sugar Skulls (Arcade Gacha until 6/30/13)
  • Posebox – made by me (not for sale)

items from [M.V.]

  • Outfit #1:Access Skirts Quicksilver,Widower Collar Void,Muertes Violet, Derezzed Boots Heliotrope
  • Outfit #2: Crush Teal
  • Outfit #3: Deco Heels Zombie, Creepy Crawler
  • Outfit #4: Freebie! Can’t Think Straight – Womens, Gilded Quicksilver,
    Jeckyll Red

Other Items Worn:

  • Skin: Essences – Wednesday II – Golden Bronze 03
  • Eyes: {Dead Apples} Thunder Eyes – Rainbow
  • Tattoo: Vestigium – Sugar Skulls
  • Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual
  • Hair#1 /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair – RFL2013
  • Hair#2 .ploom. Dolly – Pastels
  • Hair#3 /Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – Seafoam
  • Hair#4 Exile::Fire To The Rain Natural Fusion 2 (Wear me)


  • [AUX] Melt My Heart – Black
  • -Glam Affair- Janna Statemente Necklace B&W
  • Cute Poison – Multi-Cross Necklace (Neons)
  • [AUX] Studded Bracelet – All

Poses:Bounce This Poses & Vanity Poses

Finally made it to SL10

I popped over to check out some SL10 stuff. It’s pretty cool. I took one of the pod tours and just hopped off when I saw something I wanted to explore more. Makes it easier than just wandering around not knowing where to go first.

The first thing I could not help but notice was the Behemoth and I knew at once I had to climb it. Along the climb these little gnome like people told you the story of how the behemoth came to be. Once I made it to the top I fell off. You’ll notice me there in the water, I circled me. ;b You’ll also know why I had to stop partway up for a rest, that thing is feckin’ huge. hehehe I just started watching episodes of a brit sitcom called Mrs Brown’s Boys (that’s where I learned the word feckin’).

I also stopped by an exhibit that lets you float inside a big box of brightly coloured patterns. Probably wasn’t a good idea to wear the new cute dress by Eyelure, but live and learn right? But I liked the dress so if anyone was peeking up it I sure hope they got a good look. ;b





dress: Eyelure – Sleek Dress, ZZturq (new)
skin: Fresh Face – Poppy (new)
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Ocean Blue
Lipstick: Pekka – Juicy Lips
shoes: Courtisane – Devoue Sandal
necklace: Miriel – Cross Your Heart Necklace (closed)
hair: Tram – A330
pose: Olive Juice (closed)

Teenage Willow with Fresh Face’s Poppy Skin

As soon as I slipped into the Poppy skin i was instantly thrown back to highschool. The face has a very youthful, pretty look and is perfect if you’re looking for a skin for your school roleplaying games. As with all Fresh Face skins, it comes in 4 tones, 3 chest sizes plus tangos.

As you can see I’m the last one out of the school for summer vacation, yahoo!!! 🙂

Fresh Face's Poppy skin

Fresh Face's Poppy skin


skin: Fresh Face – Poppy, Snow (new)
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Ocean Blue Surf
hair: kik – Monica
outfit: Insanya – School Girl Outfit (new)
shoes: KatatOnik – Mortido Mary Janes
pose: Marukin

YAY!! I’m done!

Finally, I’ve finished cleaning out my inventory. It’s taken me about 6 or 7 days to complete the horrendous task and now just not to let it get that bad again. LOL I’d say I was about 95% ruthless in tossing things away. I know I’ve kept a few things I should throw away as I haven’t used them in quite awhile but for some reason I didn’t want to. But I did toss a lot, I started with an inventory of 30,097 items and my inventory currently holds 14,095. I’m pretty happy about it. 🙂

done cleaning inventory


skin: Essences – Whisper Goth Light Rose (TDR)
eyes: Poetic Color – LL Ocean Blue Surf
makeup: Pekka – Juice Lips
hair: eha – Sang (closed I think)
tattoo: Snatch – Apnea Tattoo
top: Lapointe & Bastchild – Death Royale Beaded Halter
pants: Miseria – Bitter Jeans
boots: Fashionably Dead – Bossy Boots – Glitter Light (arcade)
socks: Fashuonably Dead – Bossy Boots Socks (free gift)
necklace: lassitude & ennui – Leaf Necklace
earrings: North West – Chunky Hearts (closed)
pose: waffles (closed but still can get on marketplace)

SYSY’s at My Attic

My Attic is a monthly event and this month runs from June 20th to June 30th. Creator Sysy Chapman has designed a very pretty cocktail dress called Escapade. Being mesh, it comes in several sizes and as you can see below, comes in a selection of dark colours, pastel colours and stripes.

I really like this dress. It’s flirty and perfect for a night out dancing or a dinner date. Stop by My Attic to check it out. (slurl in credits)

SYSY's Escapade dress

SYSY's Escapade dress

SYSY's Escapade dress


dress: SYSY’s – Escapade (My Attic)
skin: Glam Affair – Cleo Artic
makeup: Glam Affair – Cleo Lipstick 1
eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Blue Surf
hair: Truth – Teddy
feet: Slink – Mesh Feet Medium
shoes: Ingenue – Lydia Slingbacks & Picnic Heels (both for Slink feet)
jewelry: Illusions – Orinthia Puro Necklace & Earrings and Zaara – Raga Oyster Ring
poses: oOo Studios and Reel Expressions (closed)

Inventory cleaning progress

I needed a break so I stopped off at a cafe. I’m about 3/4 done cleaning my inventory but saved the worst for last… my clothing, jewelry and costumes folders. I am hoping to finish by Sunday or Monday at least. I’ve been at this all week. I cannot wait until it’s complete, it’s such a pain but it’s all my fault. If I kept my inventory in some kind of order and checked stuff regularly I wouldn’t have this problem. Then again, I bet a lot of you have the same inventory problems. 😉

break from inventory cleaning


skin: Essences – Cancer, Light Rose (Zodiac)
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL hot mocca
hair: LeLutka – Canto
top: Auxiliary – Boho Backless (Summerfest)
jeans: Pretty Liar – Coral Jeans
shoes: Celoe – Zoe Pump
pose: Olive Juice (closed)

LOTD for inventory cleaning

Yes two days ago I started cleaning out my inventory. I’ve gotten a fair bit done but the mess that is my clothing and body folders are left to be done. I’m not looking forward to it but it’s got to be done, I can’t stand the mess any longer. I took a break today to do a bit of shopping.

The jeans I’m wearing are new from Eyelure. I love skinny jeans and these fit me pretty good.

LOTD - blogpost

LOTD - blogpost


skin: Illusory – Paige Fair Winter (closed)
eyes: Illusory – Eyes 03 (closed)
hair: Tram – A810 Dark Salmon
top: Eyelure – Hot Graphics Top, Crazy
jeans: Eyelure – Summer Skinnies (new)
boots: Sakide – Bicolor Platforms
jewelry: Boho – The Madison Jewel Embellishment (not sure if still exists)
bag: Tres Blah – Tote Bag
poses: Oracul

Sakide @ The Thrift Shop

Hey Guys! So I dragged my fellow cohort in crime Miss Phire Zuhra of Style Genesis to blog with me this time. We are both wearing items from The Thrift Shop. We never really bothered to check it out before until this weekend and OMG it is a huge event in a building with so many designers. I walked out with skins, clothes, house decorations, and more. The lovely Kinu has picked me to blog her new items and I absolutely love them. She has brand new skirts and tops in several color patterns. I grabbed just a couple because I don’t like being greedy and well if you noticed….there is a color I only wear on this blog and its purple. But in the first 2 pictures I wore black 😛 the other color I like to wear all the time.

Sakide & Somnia @ Thrift Shop
This upclose picture I wanted to showcase the new items I picked up from O.M.E.N. If you haven’t been to the store and you love quirky fun mesh items than you should check out this store. When I saw he made jewelry also I was so excited. The tiara and necklace are from ~ { Mes Brics à Bracs } ~ Event which had a few great accessories from other stores. Also, the items from O.M.E.N. are extremely affordable so if you are on a limited income at the moment in SL then check out his awesomeness. The star items are part of the SL Fashion week event and I will list the SLURL below.

Sakide & Somnia @ Thrift Shop
As you can see in the above image, I am also wearing shoes with super high socks. These are from Ducknipple and they are also available at The Thrift Shop. I believe Phire’s outfit is all from the Thrift Shop and features items from Somnia.

Sakide & Somnia @ Thrift Shop
So I conclude this post with me wearing purple LOL. The boots I purchased from SAKIDE’s mainstore. This pose was a bit awkward and Phire and I were laughing alot, just imagine 2 individuals with potty humor and yeah it went all over the place.

So I leave you this song because it fits the theme:

Items by [ SAKIDE ]

Other Items Worn:
DN Mesh: Socks & Shoes: Pat w HUD (available @ The Thrift Shop)
Vestigium – Sugar Skulls
Vestigium – Octapus
+Nuuna+ Ara Violet (Cosmetic Fair)
::Exile:: LIttle Talks:Fairytale
Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
O.M.E.N – Crown of Wire & Flower – Turquiose
O.M.E.N – Necklace of Wire & Gems – Turquiose
O.M.E.N – You’re a Star – Bracelet – Silver – W/P/B (SL Fashion Week)
O.M.E.N – You’re a Star – Ear ring – Silver – Pink (SL Fashion Week)
O.M.E.N – You’re a Star – Ring – Silver – Pink (SL Fashion Week)
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Essences – Wednesday II – GB Cocktail 03 *blonde* (previous TDR version)
{D.A} Thunder – Rainbow (Arcade Gacha)

Phire’s outfit Details ===> check out her blog for info!

Poses: Glitterati (all poses on sale until 6/30/13–store closing sale)

My current favourite Snatch

The lovely Ivey Deschanel has recently released two of my favourite Snatch items. The beautiful Helena Satin Gown and the very pretty Carolina Tie Dye maxi dress. Both come in an assortment of colours but make sure you try the demos so you know which size to purchase.

Snatch yumminess

Snatch yumminess


Photo 1: dress: Snatch – Helena Satin Gown / jewelry: Snatch – Paragon Jewelry Set & Zaara – Pallav Clear Bracelets/ skin: Illusory – Paige Winter / eyes: Illusory – Eyes 03 / hair: Exile – Caprice / makeup: Tuli – Eyeliner & Illusory – Love Lips / pose: Marukin

Photo 2: dress: Snatch – Carolina Tie Dye Dress / jewelry: MG – Necklace Summer Ladybird / skin: Glam Affair – Cleo Artic / eyes: Illusory – Eyes 03 / hair: [e] – Abbey / makeup: Tuli – Eyeliner / nails: Tres Blah – Nail Colour / pose: Posies

LOTD centered around Underdogs

I put this look together around this sexy little dress from Underdogs called Claire. The mesh dress comes in various solids and patterns and really hugs the female shape.



dress: Underdogs – Claire, Tuxedo / skin: Glam Affair – Cleo Artic / eyes: Illusory – Eyes_03 / makeup: Tuli – Beauty Marks & Eyeliners / feet: Slink Medium Feet / shoes: Ingenue – Lydia (shoes for slink feet) (arcade) / hair: Truth – Candy/ jewelry: Snatch – Paragon set / pose: Marukin