Storybook Saturday, Challenge 1

Today I came across the Storybook Saturday challenge and decided I was going to do this. I’ve missed this passed Saturday but did it today anyway. The theme changes each week and this past Saturday it was Galactic Empire. It was the excuse I needed to finally buy the stunning suit and boots from Gallactic and the cute half-top from R3volt. I went back to visit the Doomed Shipped to take the photos.

Most people probably think Star Wars with that theme; just look at me as one of the many people fighting for the rebel alliance. 😉

Storybook Challenge 1

Storybook Challenge 1

Storybook Challenge 1


skin: Ugly Duck – Soko Drowsy
eyes: Ikon – Ascension Eyes, Ice
hair: [elikatira] – Early
outfit: Gallactic – Sheer Circuit, Cyan
top: R3volt – Pepper Half Top
boots: Gallactic – Circuit Knee Boots, Cyan
makeup: Tuli – Beautymarks / Essences – Hangover Eyeliner / La Malvada Mujer – Yes Sir #5 (eye shadow) / Leafy – Lip Matte (may be closed)
weapon: Gallactic – Ray Gun, Cyan
pose: Niqotine (closed)

location: Doomed Ship

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