[Atooly] Sim Hunt

I know you are probably wondering….OMG why didn’t I hear about this hunt. Well its because I fail at keeping up with blogging. Never fear though, the hunt is still going strong on the [Atooly] Sim and will end approximately on the 18th of September. To enjoy the hunt as I did TP HERE

So just like the above advertisement states, you are looking for yellow leaves. The hunt is not even that hard and if you check out [Atooly]‘s blog you can get hints.

I did the hunt Sunday afternoon with my bratty sister Phire. We had fun and I ended up buying a few things from the vendors on the sim. I took pictures of most of the hunt items so I hope you enjoy the pics.

[Atooly] Sim Hunt
[Atooly] Sim Hunt
The two pictures above feature hunt items from [Atooly] and Matte.

[Atooly] Sim Hunt[Atooly] Sim Hunt
In the two photos above, the eyes and triangle tattoo are by Matte. I am also wearing one of [Atooly]’s new releases that was a Lazy Sunday item. Join her inworld subscriber group to keep up-to-date on all her new releases, or if you have group space join her VIP group and get spoiled by her with awesome group gifts.

[Atooly] Sim Hunt[Atooly] Sim Hunt[Atooly] Sim Hunt
The pictures above feature lower tummy tats by KyS.

Poses by [Atooly]

Other Items Worn:
Top: Jane Intrinsic Tanks – turquoise
Skirt: BOOM Laviere Skirt = goldenrod
Heels: BOOM Locale Heels – Teal
Skin: Essences ~ Cho TDRFusion 01 ~ lait – blonde
Lashes: MIASNOW – Spiderweb Eyelashes
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Robin – ash

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