Nani Poses @ Oh My Gacha! Event

The Jersey Shore sim is proud to bring you our first Gacha Event. The launch of “Oh My Gacha!” starting October the 1st at Jersey Shore and ending October the 31st. We welcome everyone to come join in the fun and try your luck!

Just our luck we have a few previews of Nani Poses offerings. They are wonderful poses that are perfect to use during this autumn season.

Up first I am going to feature the 2 rare poses.
Nani Poses OMGacha - Autumn Hangout #2 Rare

Nani Poses OMGacha - From My Heart #1 Rare

I love the incorporation of props and you are also able to texture change the leaf cover on the ground.

The next two poses are Common Poses within the gacha.
Nani's Poses OMGacha - Me and My Pumpkin #7

Nani Poses - Relaxin #8

Also, you must know that all items at this particular gacha event are exclusive to the event. So please try and snag these items before they are gone 😉

You can attain these items beginning October 1st @ The Jersey Shore

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