Lark at Candy Fair

Lark is one of 15 sponsors of Candy Fair and owner Sienia Trevellion has designed some definite yummie goodies that ties into Halloween.

There is a halloween dessert table and 2 halloween garlands. Of course if you have a dessert table you need some delicious desserts. We have some autumn cake pops (I love cake pops), some petite cakes and perennial favourte, popcorn balls. It’ll be a great little display when halloween comes about and don’t forget to add the candy you’ll be handing out for trick or treating on the table. 😉

And my favourite of her releases are the Halloween Candy Buckets. There are 4 designs, a pumpkin, black cat, skeleton and zombie and you receive 2 buckets of each, one to rezz and one to hold (with a holding animation). Each bucket will also have 6 custom poses created by Elephante Poses which are purchased separately. Not only that, but they are modifiable so when you rezz it you can make it larger if you want to set it out as a decoration.

As you can see, I am all ready for tick or treating with my halloween bucket. 😉

(click photos to see larger versions)

Lark at Candy Fair

Lark at Candy Fair

Lark at Candy Fair

Sienna has also brought back last year’s Halloween Spooky Socks as a gift to all those who drop in. Don’t forget to pick it up.

Lark at Candy Fair


socks: Lark – Halloween Spooky Socks (gift at Candy Fair) Candy Fair 2013
shoes: Nyachi – Shoes LS201 Mesh Black
pose for socks: Marukin
sheep: DPYumYum – Shy Sheep
Lark – halloween baskets, popcorn balls, petite cakes, cake pops, table, garland (new) Candy Fair 2013 (On Sim 1)

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