Half-Deer, Birdy, Crash Republic and Noble at Candy Fair

The Candy Fair opened last night to a resounding success. It’s now packed with lots of sugar-high visitors. LOL Here are the slurls for the 3 sims.

Sim 1
Sim 2
Sim 3

BIRDY creator Dani, has released a pretty skin called Mia for Candy Fair and you can choose from 7 candy eyebrow colours. I’ve grown to love Birdy skins and was very pleased with this one. Besides the skin, her exclusive are these too adorable cotton candy Llama’s. They come in 7 colours and 4 to a package (1 with a holding animation and 3 other sizes that you can attach anywhere). She’s also offering soft cotton candy lipsticks and as a gift to all who drop by some traditional cotton candy (and who doesn’t love that?).

I recently discovered CRASH REPUBLIC a few months ago and was happy to see them in the event. The fair exclusive’s are the pretty Candy Dresses (in stripes and solids – 7 colours) and the cute Sprinkle Tops (6 colours). They are all mesh and come in the standard mesh sizes.

(click photos to see larger versions)

Birdy, Crash Republic, Half-Deer & Noble at Candy Fair

Birdy, Crash Republic, Half-Deer & Noble at Candy Fair

Half-Deer, Birdy, Crash Republic, Noble at Candy Fair

HALF-DEER is one of my favourite shops. Owner Halogen Magic is always releasing cute, quirky items and this time around she’s outdone herself. The Half-Deer fair exclusive are the wonderfully cute Ice-Creamaholic Birdy’s and Dessert Spoons. The birdy’s come in 3 flavours (vanilla, chocolate and sherbert) and 3 types (cake cone, paper cup and sugar cone). Touching the birds pops up a colour changing menu of 5 colours. They are modifiable so you can rezz them and resize to your heart’s content.

Also in her booth is the must-have Marshmallow Fruit Necklace. There are 3 versions (different stars) and a menu to change the marshmallow colours (7 colours).

Half-Deer at Candy Fair

Half-Deer at Candy Fair

Lastly for today’s post, is NOBLE who has some really cute candy-themed exclusives for your home. The Sweet Dream’s Sofa set comes with a sofa, table, rug and wall art. There’s the Madison Candy Bar that comes with 4 jars of candy (YUMYUM). The candy bar comes in 5 colours. And some Hard Candy Stools which come in 6 colours. Something for a delicious and bright colourful room.

Noble at Candy Fair

Noble at Candy Fair


skin: Birdy – Mia *pure* (melon) (new) Candy Fair
eyes: IKON – Ascension eyes *ice*
hair: [INK] – Duda *coal* (new) Chapter Four
dresses: [Crash Republic] – Candy Dress *stripe cream & plain blue* (new) Candy Fair
top: [Crash Republic] – Sprinkle Top *mint) (new) Candy Fair
boots: House of Fox – Mesh Rider Boots *cream* (arcade, don’t think available now)
necklace: Half-Deer – Marshmallow Fruit Necklace (new) Candy Fair

Half-Deer: Ice-Creamaholic Birdy (new) Candy Fair
Birdy – Cotton Candy Llamas (new) Candy Fair
Noble – Sweet Dreams Sofa Set & Madison Candy Bar & Hard Candy Stools (new) Candy Fair
poses: Imeka (new) Chapter Four

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