Goth1c0, Juxtapose, WOW, Zombie Suicide, Cute Poison & 22769 [bauwerk] at Candy Fair

I have some goodies for you today so get ready for a sugar rush.

Owner Keishi Roo of Goth1c0 has designed a to-die-for hoodie for a fair exclusive. I’ve been shopping here since I joined SL in 2007 and am so happy to see it’s still around. The Sweet Poison Hoodie is mesh, comes in all standard sizes and in several colours. Two other exclusives are the corsets My Sweetheart Corset and Pop My Lolli Corset. Colourful and bright ties up the back; corsets are always a favourite. I’m also wearing her Calavera Loose Fit mesh Jeans, though not an exclusive, can still be found in her booth. I love these jeans and the fit is perfect.

Rain Laval of Juxtapose has released some cute poses for her exclusive item. All the poses are used in this post (and includes the cupcake and lollipop). I like poses that you hold something, makes for a more interesting photo.

(click photos for larger views and more detail)

Goth1c0, WOW, Cute Poison, Juxtapose, Zombie Suicide at candy fair

Sawsan Secretspy of WOW has released the Donna skin for a fair exclusive, along with all the applicable appliers (slink feet & hands, lolas, etc). The skin comes in 4 tones (I’m wearing the Milk tone). Another candy fair release are Candy Lips lipsticks in 9 bright, fun colours. The Donna skin is lovely and I really like it.

I think Sae Luan of Cute Poison makes some of the best piercings on the grid. Her candy fair exclusive is the Stellar Piercing Candy Metals for the face. It comes with a colour changing hud and is very nice.

Zombie Suicide’s owner, Isis Zamin, has some adorable gummi bear rings and headbands gatcha’s. Each has 8 regular and 3 rares and I know I want all the headbands especially. Her exclusive item are the Candy Lips which come in 5 colours I’m wearing one of the colours in the photos.

Goth1c0, WOW, Cute Poison, Juxtapose, Zombie Suicide at candy fair

My last shop today is from 22769 [bauwerk]. On such a rainy and dreary day and apartment, bauwerk has a ton of stuff to brighten me up. Everything comes in 4 or more colours and are bright and cheerful. The bar stools also have poses. I love the candy counter, shelf and candy knickknacks. Big gummi bears to decorate with There’s also some donut cushions and a leather couch. The cutest are the candy carts and some small stools. You need to drop by the booth; I’m sure you’ll find something you just need.

22769 [bauwerk]

Candy Fair Credits
Cute Poison – Stellar Piercing Candy Metals
22769 [bauwerk] – Bar Stools / Candy Carts / Candy Counter / Candy Knicknacks / Candy sign / Candy Stools / Donut Rug / Gummi Bears / Leather Couch / Sweets (chocolates)
Zombie Suicide – Fruity Bear Headbands / Fruity Bear Tri Ring / Candy Lips
WOW – Donna Skin / Candy Lips / Assorted Appliers (SLink, Loud Mouth, Lolas)
Goth1c0 – My Sweetheart Corset / Pop My Lolli Corset / Sweet Poison Hoodie / Calavera Loose Fit Mesh Jeans
Juxtapose – Cupcaking 3 & 4 and I’m a Sucker For You 1, 2, 4 & 6

Other credits:

eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes *oxidation* (group gift)
nails: Tres Blah – Nail Color *candy*
panties: BOOM – Pop *clouds*
hair: Ploom – Cassie *bangs 2*
jewelry: Schadenfreude – Wooden Hart Crest Necklace & Earrings (FLF)