Clowns and mad mad maids

I love MiaSnow Myriam’s artwork and have been a fan of her skins since I joined SL in 2007. MiaSnow is always my first place to go when I am looking for a different type of skin and own several. Her work is unique and first rate so I was soooooo excited to see her clown skin at Horrorfest.

The skins and makeup come separately so if you only want one thing you don’t have to purchase everything, but I do believe you’ll want it all. 😉 There are several versions of the Candy Clown skins (clean, with big red nose, with small red nose, etc) and SLink appliers and lola tangos appliers come with the skins. There are the incredible Candy Clown Lases which 100% of the proceeds go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project charity. There’s the Candy Clown Makeup, Candy Lips Pack and a Fright Night set of makeup. Her hunt item is the Bloody Clown makeup.

All the makeups come on tattoo layers so it’s easy to mix and match; some are even combined to save add-on space. Just ADD to layer everything up to get your looks. I’m a clown lover so this is right up my alley!

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

Ilaya has a great set of poses called Bloody Maid which includes a mesh knife. These are fun poses. There is even a Maid Dress Bloody that goes perfect with the theme; it comes in 3 colours and standard mesh sizes. A knife even comes with these dresses. There is a white version of the Maid Dress that is Ilaya’s hunt gift. The exclusive item is a pretty orange Knit Skull Top which 100% of the proceeds go to the charity.

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

Horrorfest Credts LM

MiaSnow: Candy Clown Skins, Candy Clown Lashes, Fright Night Makeup, Candy Clown Makeup, Candy Lips Pack and Bloody Clown Makeup
Ilaya: Knit Skull Top *orange*, Bloody Maid Poses, Maid Dress Bloody *blue*

Other Credits

hair: BP* – Big Bomb Hair (no longer available) and MiaSnow – Wild Woman
outfit: [bubble] – Collar & Hat of Lolita Clown Outfit
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Bright *foggy morning*
stockings: erratic – Ripped Stockings *black*
shoes: Jeepers Creepers – Black Betty (no longer available)
other poses: Flowey and Imeka

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