The Dark Lolita

The little mistress prepares for the evening, she carefully dresses herself in traditional clothing of the village. Her skin was as beautiful as porcelain and her taste in makeup was a bit unique. As she delicately placed her fascinator on her head and moved the veil to only cover a small portion of her face she was ready for the evening.

This particular outfit was carefully created by moonbubble gothly for the store [bubble] and the mistress was quite pleased with her dark gothic Viktoria outfit.


She spent countless hours speaking to the lovely creator and convinced her that a set that included boots would fly off the shelves. But little did moonbubble know….the little mistress actually meant they would actually fly 😉 See, the little mistress had a unique gift which made a lot of the kinsfolk afraid of her. She spoke the truth and often had visions of the future. She also had other talents that were part of her unique family line. She had caught the eye of the nobleman in her village but only one fascinated her. He was the only one she could not see his future and this fact consumed her thoughts. The way she did her eye makeup was with a skillful artistic hand thanks to Aikea Rieko of [Plastik].


She had the ability to change her hairstyle with a simple brushing of her hair. It was one of her unique talents and the kinsfolk all thought it was odd how she walked the streets with multicolored hair. Although in secret, they all wanted to have their hair just like her. This evening she presented her outfit to her spouse and to her dismay he was not pleased with her all black outfit. He exclaimed “Why do you always insist on wearing black? Why don’t you wear that lovely dress I got you from the same store?” So the little mistress went back into the bedroom and put on the Porphyria outfit, which looks exactly like the one she just had one but in sepia.


Since she changed her outfit, of course she had to change her hairstyle and makeup.

The mistress and her nobleman went off to beautiful opera performance followed by a lovely romantic dinner. Little did the nobleman know, that when he got home he would not live long. You see the little mistress had a deep dark secret and shocking it was that night she would evolve into the next corporeal version of herself. The little mistress was not a witch, but instead she was a sorceress. One of the strongest sorceress’ of that era and in order for her to garner the power she needed to perform a ceremonial act. She was quite naive and was unaware that her elders had lied to her about what would happen to her beloved nobleman. As she performed the ceremony she could feel his pain and his death as she was acquiring her powers. Once the ceremony was complete she also gained the ability to read others minds and quickly found out the elders had lied to her and she punished them fervently. She stood next to her beloved nobleman and did the unthinkable, she resurrected him. Alas, he wasn’t the same man as he was when he was living. She was ok with this new version of her nobleman because now she was the dominant figure and he always had to do her bidding. The End!

So woohooo pick up these awesome dresses at the [BUBBLE] booth at Horror Fest: HERE. You still got until the 8th of November to pick up these awesome items and many more.

P.S. Did you know that there is a grid-wide hunt for Horror Fest….get the deets HERE, oh and as you walk towards the main building for Horror Fest there are gacha machines outside.

Items @ Horror Fest:
Outfit: [ bubble ] Viktoria Outfit & [ bubble ] Porphyria Outfit (available at [bubble] booth at Horror Fest)
2.0 Makeup: :[P]:- Foxxe Makeups:// Nightmare & :[P]:- Foxxe Makeups:// Wither (available at [Plastik] booth at Horror Fest)

Other Items Worn:
Hair: (r)M Hair No.13’13 ~ o4.5-Fantasy & (r)M ~ Hair No.20 ~ Lavender (Black)
Skin: .tsg. Luna :: Vampy :: Bust :: Brows :: NT – Toned
Eyes: .tsg. Luminate – Lavendar
2.0 Makeup: .tsg. Dolly Lips – Bitten T2 (Light; A&X Tone)

Poses: and Hopscotch

Sisters of the Moon at Horrorfest

Papermoon has released the gorgeous Sisters of the Moon headpieces for Horrorfest. Sister Autumn is the exclusive with 100% of the proceeds going to the Epilepsy Therapy Project. The beautiful yellow roses are tinged with orange and bits of orange and green leaves and a yellow drop stone hangs from the centre of the piece.

At the booth you can also purchase Sister Crow, Sister Rat and Sister Deer headpieces. Sister Crow has a crow skull and horns with black chains fastening blood red flowers to each side and a tear-drop stone dangles from the beak. Sister Deer is a deer skull and antlers with wings on the side fastened with chains and pearls. And Sister Rat is a rat skull and black horns with draped pearls fastening white roses to the skull.

All 4 headpieces are perfect for all your roleplaying needs or if you just want something beautiful sitting on your head.

(click photos to go to flickr and see larger photos for better detail of headpieces.)

Sisters of the Moon at Horrorfest

Sisters of the Moon at Horrorfest

Horrorfest Credits LM

Papermoon: Sisters of the Moon – Autumn, The Crow, The Deer, The Rat

Other Credits

Photo 1:
skin: Glam Affair – Lulu *europa*
eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes *green*
makeup: Pink Fuel – Juicy Gloss *apple* / Tuli – Eyeliner / Glam Affair – Lucy Moles
hair: LeLutka – Canto *irishred*
necklace: The Forge – Boadicea’s Necklace *copper*
dress: The Muses – Margaret Dress *autumn*
pose: LAP (closed)

Photo 2:
skins: Ugly Duck – Soko *drowsy* and Emily *tired eyes*
eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes *ice* and Perspective Eyes *oxidation*
makeups: La Malvada Mujer – argentoLiquido #4 / Leafy – Lip Gloss *ice* (closed?) / Atomic – 2.0 Victim Makeup – Silverlining (Eyes) (closed) / Essences – Hangover Lipstick / Illusory – Love Lips *brown sugar* (closed) / Tuli – Eyeliner
hair: Exile – Desperately Wanting *light blondes* / Magika – Yesterday *white* / [monso] – My Hair Khaleesi *dark blondes*
dresses: Zaara – Vayu Dress *breeze* / Evie’s Closet – Fable *halloween 2010* / Sweet Lies Design – Dalla Outfit *brown*
necklace: Illusions – Orinthia Puro Necklace
poses: Posies (closed) / Olive Juice