More scary goodness at Horrorfest

Horrorfest ends November 8th so you still have just over a week to get down there if you haven’t had a chance yet. Lots of people have already been there and still more are piling in. I visit almost everyday walking around the booths and still see things I want each time.

I love Contraption and they have 2 items for the Epilepsy Therapy Project. 100% of the proceeds from the Cannibals Mesh Mask and 25% of The Carnivorous Mesh Jaw go towards the charity. Both items are materials enabled.

The Cannibals Mask comes in 3 versions and a broken mask, both bloody and clean. The Carnivorous Jaw has 5 expressions (clean and bloody). I love this jaw, I’ve been wearing it all week and just put it back on a few minutes ago to go out and about the grid. 😉

(click photos to see larger versions of them)

Horrorfest - Contraption and Chaos Panic & Disorder

You’ll find some wonderful jewelry at Chaos, Panic & Disorder’s booth. You’ll find both male and female versions of a lot of their jewelry. Their charity item is the Arachnophobia Necklace & Bracelet (see necklace in photo above with Carnivorous Jaw) (click photo for a larger view of necklace). Their hunt gift is a cute spider choker and their gatcha item are Bat Chokers with different coloured stones (no photo).

They also have a cute women’s Halloween Tank that comes with a hud and you can choose up to 6 different designs (below in corvus skirt photo is the tank with the skeleton design). The tank is mesh and comes in the standard mesh sizes. Lastly, I couldn’t resist the Bela Morte Set (bracelet, earrings and choker). It’s a black choker with a skull dangling from it, skull bracelet and earrings (see corvus top photo below or above with Cannibals Mask).

Horrorfest - Chaos Panic & Disorder

Corvus’ charity item is this gorgeous Darkness Long Skirt. It’s a long layered skirt with different textures/colors and a belt and 100% of proceeds go to the charity. I could not resist the Muerto Jane Top. Not only was it the design but for some reason, the blue drew me to it. Both items are mesh and come in all standard sizes.

Horrorfest - Corvus and Chaos Panic & Disorder

Lastly, Show Me On The Doll has this fantastic Malachi Outfit for their hunt gift. It comes with a pumpkin head and a scythe. You certainly don’t want to meet this person in a dark alley or corn field. 😉

Horrorfest - Show Me on the Doll

Horrorfest Items LM

[ContraptioN]: The Cannibals Mesh Mask and The Carnivorous Mesh Jaw
Chaos, Panic & Disorder: Arachnophobia Set, Halloween Women’s Tank, Spider Choker and Bela Morte Set
Corvus: Darkness Long Skirt and Muerte Jane Top
Show Me On The Doll: Malachi Outfit (includes pumpkin head)

Other Credits

skin: Essences – Whisper *goth*
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Bright *foggy morning*
tattoo: Corvus – Cheek Scars
boots: [0N] – Wo Boots Gomi (closed)
hair: elikatira – Later *black* and Alice Project – Delilah *bloody blonde* (special hair for halloween)
poses: Juxtapose/inclds axe (photo with pumpkinhead) and Marukin (all others)