They Live Among Us!

Horrorfest is almost over, there are only 6 days left (it ends Friday, Nov 8th). I want to take this time to thank the Horrorfest team for organizing such a great event. They’ve put a lot of hard work into this to make it run as smooth as possible and they’ve done an amazing job. Another thanks goes out to all the vendors who participated. You’ve given us all wonderful items to choose from and I know everybody appreciates it. Lastly, I want to thank all the visitors who’ve come and shopped (and will continue to do so this week) because it’s all going to such a great cause, The Epilepsy Therapy Project. So, it’s a big YAY! from me. 🙂

One of Second Life’s longest shops is Curio Obscura. I can remember back in 2007 when I first joined visiting this shop and buying a settee. You can find some of the grid’s unexpected delights at this shop and right here at Horrorfest. They charity item is the Venus Mouthface (photo 4), which 100% of proceeds goes towards it. I’m also showing Grinder Mouthface, Hungry Mouthface and Cthulhuface. All 4 items come in 6 skin tones which are retintable and reskinnable. There are rigged and non-rigged mesh of each, both for men and female.

The scariest monsters are those that live among us. They have been blending into our society for hundreds of years, disguised as ordinary citizens of the world and when our defenses are down, that’s when they strike. I happened to catch 4 photos of such creatures. So stay alert and trust no one!

(please click photos to see larger sizes for better detail.)

They Live Among Us!

They Live Among Us!

They Live Among Us!


Horrorfest Credits LM

Curio Obscura: Venus Mouthface, Grinder Mouthface, Hungry Mouthface and Cthulhuface

Other Credits

skin: Glam Affair – Cleo *artic*
hair: Miriel – Gibson Girl Hair *raven* (1) and Chestnut (4) (closed), elikatira – Away *black* (2) and Truth – Carrie *black* (3)
outfits: Edelweiss – yukata usagi (1), la petite morte – Steampunk Outfit (2) @ Genre, Sakide – Vibrant Death Long Dress (3) and The Muses – Susanna *brown* (4) (old genre round, not available)
feet: SLink – Flat Mesh Feet (1)
shoes: SLink – Suki Geta *black* (1), G Field – Short Laceup Boots *black* (2)
jewelry: Snatch – Lanquid Gothic Ribbon Choker (3) and Auxiliary – Coffin Earrings (3)
poses: Marukin (photos 1, 4) and LAP (photo 3) (closed) – (photo 2 pose with chair)

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