Who loves Hopscotch?

Hopscotch is participating in the Dr. Who Kid’s Hunt and hidden somewhere in the main store is “Madman’s Papers. It is your very own Psychic Papers based on Dr. Who. It includes 10 documents and you can turn a picture on or off (plus add your own photo to the picture area). It attaches to your hand. The hunt runs until December 15th.

Hopscotch Newness

My Attic begins November 19th (2 days now) and Chandni Khondji of Hopscotch has designed some really nice boots. They are unisex and unrigged mesh which means you can resize them, not only larger but also small enough to fit a child, a petite or toodledoos. They come in 8 colours and are materials ready.

Hopscotch Newness


Madman’s Papers: Hopscotch (new) Dr. Who Kid’s Hunt
boots: Hopscotch – Harvest Boots (new) at My Attic (begins Nov. 19th)
pose: Reel Expression (closed)

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