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The Main Event is coming!

Covert Affairs presents The Main Event, which starts this coming Sunday, December 1st and runs to December 14th.

This event will be a location-based event AND a main store event, in hopes of driving more customers and traffic to the main stores. Each stores’ product will not only be new, but of two parts… one part at the location and the second part found at the main store.

Covert Affairs presents The Main Events, starts Dec 1st

I’m quite excited by this event because for awhile I have thought there are so many events throughout the year, plus all the weekly and monthly events, that some may forget to visit the stores who participate in all these events.

There are 25 amazing stores participating in this event and they are:

  • SYSY’s
  • sanctuaire
  • .mien. poses
  • *~*HopScotch*~*
  • Rotten Defiance
  • Peqe
  • Sakide
  • shine by [ZD]
  • Atooly
  • CAE Jewelry
  • Ducknipple
  • Adoness
  • ::WetCat::Builds&Poses
  • [geek]
  • Death Row Designs
  • *katatonik*
  • Cstar Skins
  • .:* LOULOU&CO *:.
  • .:Pulse:.
  • Kaithleen’s
  • Loordes of London
  • Pin Me Down
  • Bokeh
  • Senzafine
  • [Noble] Distinguished Furnishings


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