+sanctuaire+ at The Main Event: Winter

Tomorrow the Main Event: Winter opens and +sanctuaire+ has some lovely christmas trees for us. These are beautiful mesh fir trees with multi-coloured or white lights already on them. It’s such a pain to have put lights on a tree so this is so easy. 😉 Both of these trees are at the event location. Each tree also comes with a hud that needs to be rezzed, that turns the lights on and off, and the blinking on and off.

(click on photos to see larger views of trees)

+sanctuaire+ christmas trees

At the main store are the ornaments for the trees. In both white or multi-coloured, you receive all the decorations, or just the star topper, or the ornament balls or the popcorn garland so there are many ways you can decorate the trees.

+sanctuaire+ christmas trees


trees: +sanctuaire+ – Oh Christmas Tree *with white or multi-coloured lights* The Main Event: Winter
decorations: +sanctuaire+ – Oh Christmas Tree *decorations for white and multi-coloured trees* (main store)

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