Pale Empress, Bliensen & MaiTai and {MV} at Gothmas

Pale Empress has some very sexy clothing on offer at Gothmas. They are perfect if you’re looking for something to wear for that New Year’s Eve party. Let’s start with the 2 very sexy and sheer lacy tops. There is the Lucrezia Top and the Lace Chemise with shoulder rosettes. These 2 tops are lovely and because of the sheerness there is no alpha layer. We also have a cute plaid mini skirt and a long skirt called Lucrezia. The Lucrezia is a long suede skirt with a plaid inlay. As you know, I love plaids. (In my photos I paired the Lucrezia Skirt with the Lace Chemise and the Plaid Mini with the Lucrezia top.) All 4 clothing items come in the standard mesh sizes and there are 8 or 9 colours of each to choose from.

Pale Empress @ Gothmas

Pale Empress @ Gothmas

I used the jewelry and footwear of Bliensen & MaiTai with my choices. The Drusilla Earrings are absolutely fabulous. There are 2 pair in each set you purchase; a white and dark pearl with a red and black bow and a skeleton hand wrapped around the pearl. These earrings are stunning. There are also some cute victorian-like boots for SLink feet. They come in black, red and purple and there is a texture changing stone on them.

(MV} provides The Aggy Necklaces in ruby and spinel. I really like these necklaces and found them perfect with the outfits. I also liked the Shiver Vitae outfit, which consists of a long knit skirt and cropped sweater that has a neck piece that comes up over the nose. I love the look of this outfit and dropped by {MV}’s main store to take a look around and was impressed with what I found. I’ll be back there to shop for sure.

Bliensen & MaiTai and {MV} @ Gothmas

Bliensen & MaiTai @ Gothmas

{MV} @ Gothmas

Credits for Gothmas LM

Pale Empress: Lace Chemise, Plaid Mini, Lucrezia Top, Lucrezia Skirt
Bliensen & MaiTai: Drusilla Earrings, Hecate Shoes
{MV}: Aggy’s Necklaces, Shiver Vitae

Other Credits

skin: Essences – Lorde 1 *lumiere* (new) TDF
eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes *oxidation*
hands: SLink – Mesh Hands and Mesh Medium Feet
makeup: Illusory – Love Lips *burnt red* (closed) and Pekka – Winter Eyeshadows (new) FROST
hair: Truth – Carrie and – Dreadful (think shop is closed)
poses: Exposeur (1, 3, 4), Imeka (2) and Slouch (5)