Hopscotch Newness at My Attic

Another round of My Attic begins today and Hopscotch has put out a cute apron, with cupcake and polka dot designs, with matching oven mitts. The aprons come in the standard mesh sizes while there is one size of oven mitts. You have 2 designs and several colours to choose from. These are really cute and I had to show off my baking skills, not. šŸ™‚

Hopscotch @ My Attic



skin: Pink Fuel – Sora *peach*
eyes: IKON – Promise *brown*
hair: tram – C429 hair *amber*
dress: Senzafine – “Thetis” Dress *Mithril*
apron: Hopscotch – Kiss the Cook Cupcake *red* and Kiss the cook Dots *green* (new) My Attic
mitts: Hopscotch – Kiss the Cook Ovenmitt *red* and Kiss the Cook Ovenmitts *green* (new) My Attic
cookies: Olive – Oh Great they’re Burnt Cookie Tray and Oh Oh So Yummy Cookie Tray
pose: made with Animare (photo 1) and Meisu (photo 2)


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