My Love of Steampunk

At the Final Fantasy Festival 3 stores have some delicious steampunk items for their festival exclusives and gacha. Tentacio has some beautiful steampunk mesh wings, of which there are 5 to choose from. These wings look delicate but are strong enough to carry you off. I’m in love with the wings.

Baubles! has a beautiful jewelry set called Cogs & Jewel. It comes with earrings, a necklace which has 3 stones to choose from and a cool double ring (a ring on your index finger and pinky connected with a chain).

Last, is QE Designs with a steampunk gacha filled with 10 common monocles and 4 rare hat/monocle sets. These are just adorable and I love the little heart on the monocle glass. QE Design’s exclusive is a cool outfit called Bad Bitch Alchemist. This is chock full of goodies besides the outfit; it comes with boots, a gun and holster and appliers for those who like to enhance their tops and bottoms. I love the colours for this outfit and it is a limited edition in which only 100 will be sold.

Tentacio, QE & Baubles @ Final Fantasy

Tentacio, QE & Baubles @ Final Fantasy

QE Designs @ Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy Festival East LM
Final Fantasy Festival West LM

skin: MIA14 – Ember *pale*
eyes: MIA14 – Dramatic *rainbow*
hands: SLink – Mesh Hands
hair: Chemistry – Sirena (1) and elikatira – Early (2 & 3)
outfits: Severed Garden – ISA (1 & 2) and QE Designs – Bad Bitch Alchemist (3) (new) Final Fantasy Festival (LM above)
hat: QE Designs – Alchemy Hat *brown/camo* RARE (1 & 2) (new) Final Fantasy Festival (LM above)
monocle: QE Designs – Outlander Monocle *camo* RARE and *pink/brown* (1 & 2) (new) Final Fantasy Festival (LM above)
jewelry: Baubles! – Cogs & Jewels Set (1 & 2) (new) Final Fantasy Festival (LM above)
wings: Tentacio – Steampunk Wings (1 & 2) (new) Final Fantasy Festival (LM above)
poses: Flowey (1 & 2) and Slouch (3)

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