Chimeric and Lovely Disarray at Final Fantasy

Chimeric Arts & Fashions has released a Steampunk Dragon Mask as their Final Fantasy exclusive. This beautiful mask is original mesh and hand-painted and you can resize it. Not only can you wear the mask but you can also use it as a wall decoration, it’s that beautiful.

Chimeric @ Final Fantasy

Lovely Disarray has several exclusives, 2 of which are the Visions of Midgar mesh eyes and Geostigma Disease skin tattoo layers. The Midgar mesh eyes are pretty bright colours when you add the glow attachment seem to pop. In the photo below the right eye has the the glow attached and the left does not; you can see how much brighter the right eye looks.

Lovely Disarray @ Final Fantasy

The Geostigma Disease comes with 4 complete versions and 7 separate versions of the disease. In the photo below I’ve work the 2 different full verions. Each full version comes with and without eye exhaustion. Not only do I like this for a diseased look but I think if I want a dirty look, these will look great for that as well. There’s much you can do with the Geostigma; all it takes is your imagination. They’ve also included the Phat and Cute Azz appliers.

Lovely Disarray @ Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy West LM
Final Fantasy East LM

skin: MIA14 – Ember *pale*
eyes: Lovely Disarray – Visions of Midgar *ember & flower* (new) Final Fantasy (LM above)
hair: booN – GFR834 *black*
lingerie: Insolence – Lilly *black* and Luxuria – Sweetie *red*
mask: Chimeric – Steampunk Dragon Mask (new) Final Fantasy (LM above)
disease: Lovely Disarray – Geostigma Disease (new) Final Fantasy (LM above)
poses: Imeka

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