AZE at Futurewave and Genre

AZE has some great items out for Futurewave. All 3 items I’m about to show you have a steampunk look and feel to them, which I love. There’s the Oscillation Enhancer, you can wear on your left or right ear, or both if you’re totally deaf. There is a size for men and women. The Reverse Periscope is very cool and has animated lenses. It’s also unisex with sizes for both men and women. Lastly, is the Voice Modulator for women (don’t worry guys, one for you will be released soon). You get a scripted and a non-scripted version and is great if you want to be heard, say for example while you’re hosting.

AZE @ Futurewave

Out at Genre is a pretty necklace called Forest Treasures Necklace. It looks like items from the forest have been gathered and fashioned into a delicate necklace.

AZE @ Genre


Photo 1:
skin: Essences – Tiara
eyes: IKON – Promise *fjord*
lips: Illusory – Brown Sugar (closed)
moles: Belleza – from Ria skin
hair: Miriel – Gibson Girl *chestnut* (closed)
pose: Marukin
attachments: AZE – Oscillation Enhancer, Reverse Periscope and Voice Modulator (new) Futurewave

Photo 2:
skin: Birdy – Mia
eyes: IKON – Promise *fjord*
lips: Pink Fuel – Juicy gloss w/teeth
eyes: Adam n Eve – Wildflowers tattoo
moles: Belleza – from Ria skin
hair: Tableau Vivant – Hill Dread Series
pose: Marukin
necklace: AZE – Forest Treasures Necklace (new) Genre


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