Sakide @ 100 Block

If you haven’t visited 100 Block yet, you have a few days to grab these lovelies from Sakide. When I tried on “The Block” outfit I pretty much wore it for 2 weeks. But here I am finally showing you what awesomeness you are missing. I got a little pose happy also, I picked up the “Stance” poses by Vanity Poses at Pose Fair and I did a photo montage of myself.

Sakide & VanityPoses

I loved how Kinu added leggings and gloves to this outfit and the texturing on the outfit made it the perfect gothic outfit for me to prance about in. I also picked up the awesome Dread boots by Razor at The Block but they are available in-store also.

You can style this outfit anyway you can think of. For some reason I was channeling a dear friend of mine who wears a ton of Pink XD

Outfit Details:

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