Sakide & Ploom New Releases

Sakide has joined with other designers to participate in this wonderful event called the “Monochromatic Fair”. As usual Kinu goes above and beyond with her releases and this outfit is sexy comes with heels and you can change textures of the entire outfit. Her chosen colors for the Fair are Rosso and Porpora but she also made other colors.

I started off the evening pampering myself with a avocado mask and placed my head up in curls. I was relaxing and also did my nails while the mask was drying.
Sakide & Ploom

I was trying to do this sneakily as my toddler was napping on his bed in my room. But to my dismay he woke up full of energy like always.
Sakide & Ploom

He screamed at my green mask and called me a monster so I washed off the mask to show him it was still me LOL.
Sakide & Ploom

So I sat back down at my vanity table and took out my soda can curlers. I got the perfect curls I wanted for another evening looking for trouble. I also gave my son some ice cream so he can be extra sugared up when he met up with his dad.
Sakide & Ploom

Items Worn:

Poses by: Vanity Poses and poses

I didn’t realize today is May 2nd, which is the closing day of the event. Being in migraine hell for the past 3 days has made me lose my sense of time so I do apologize to those of you who want to grab this at the fair. But like all Fair releases they should be available at the mainstore soon. Also sorry for the less than stellar pics today, I’ve been having rezzing issues on every viewer I try.

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