The Mermaid Princess

There once was a princess who lived in the dark seas. Her clan was unique and of course every mermaid has heard the tale of The Little Mermaid, which was used as a way to ebb children from going against the clans ways. As you can tell they didn’t tell the entire story but only enough to put the fear in all the mermaids in the kingdom. The princess we are following is a rather adventurous mermaid who enjoyed exploring the land and making new friends amongst other undersea creatures. She enjoyed her freedom and solitude that her father granted her. He knew that she would never stray away from the clans watchful eyes.
AZE Jewelry Designs

She loved visiting all the wonderful creatures in her land. Even if she loved being alone, she still yearned for company that couldn’t be found within the mermaid clan.
AZE Jewelry Designs

Like many mermaids she loved the beautiful jewelry that had been created within the clan. When she was born a special crown was created just for her to be given to her on her 18th birthday. She was now 21yrs old and she cherished the treasures the clan had made just for her.

AZE Jewelry Designs

In this post I am wearing a item from a store new to me, this store is called TempT. Without the Siren Outfit I would have been able to pull off the look I wanted to create wearing the beautiful jewelry by [AZE] Jewelry Designs. I love the attention to color on the Siren Outfit and it is one of the few mermaid outfits I have found that had a tad more modesty when it comes to covering the breasts. I also picked up the poses from this post from a new to me store called “Poets Heart” they had a wonderful array of outfits but when I saw that she also created poses, I purchased poses instead.

Items Worn:

Poses by Poets Heart @ Wiggenstead Mooring, Fantasy Faire 2014

FuubutsuDou at the The Fantasy Gacha

FuubutsuDou has 2 machines at the Fantasy Gacha – one with kimonos (75L each) and one with accessories (25L) each. The kimonos are very pretty and the orange-maple colour is the rare (pictured below). The green kimono I’m wearing is a common item and all kimonos come with lola tangos appliers. The kinds of things you will find in the accessories gacha are tail and ear sets (the red/white being rare), parasols and paper lanterns. You still have plenty of time to come down and play the machines. It’s a great price for such pretty kimonos.

FuubutsuDou @ Fantasy Gacha

FuubutsuDou @ Fantasy Gacha


skin: Essences – Partis TDRF01 *vivante* by Inka Mexicola
eyes: IKON – Ascension *evening* by Ikon Innovia
shape: Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
hands: SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
hair: Milk – Oriental Buns *black* by Milk Chan (new) We Love Roleplay (photo 1) and Epoque – Pristine *monochrome* by Vintage McMillan
kimonos: FuubutsuDou – Green/Blue Kimono *common* (photo 1) and Orange/Maple Kimono *rare* (photo 2) by Nya Alchemi (new) The Fantasy Gacha
lantern: FuubutsuDou – Paper Lantern Chouchin *common* by Nya Alchemi (new) The Fantasy Gacha
ears: FuubutsuDou – Ears Red/White *rare* by Nya Alchemi (new) The Fantasy Gacha
cage: Zenith – Kiosk Birdcage *chocolate* by Miffyhoi Rosca
poses: Marukin by
location: JOMO