Not Your Ordinary Red

There are several legends of Little Red Riding Hood, but nobody knew the truth. You see not only was Red a formidable huntress she was part demon. In order to attain the strength she needed to fulfill her family’s lifelong curse, she visited a necromancer who granted her wish of becoming part demon.
.Arcadia. @ Fantasy Faire 2014

Just as lore held true, she always stayed around her grannies cabin. This seemed to be quite enticing for the wolves that lived amongst her area.
.Arcadia. @ Fantasy Faire 2014
She studied every detail of the yard near the house and kept a watchful ear for any noises in the brush near the cabin.

Not only was Red a huntress for wolves, but any animal that threatened the well-being of the village.
.Arcadia. @ Fantasy Faire 2014

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The Crow Queen

Ever wonder what the Crow Queen looked like when she transformed back into her human form. This was the mystery that very many villagers had hoped to see. Alas, they were not fortunate enough to ever gaze upon the Crow Queen in her true form.
Sakide @ Fantasy Faire 2014

The Crow Queen was always surrounded by her subjects. Many were humans she transformed into crows but the vast majority were real crows. No one understood her power and strength amongst the crows. If only they knew her true secret.

Sakide @ Fantasy Faire 2014
Her Strength originated from the crows that constantly surrounded her. If there were no crows she was powerless.

Items Worn:

Posebox by Savoir Faire (SFS) – The Crows

Tea Party Invite

I sent out invitations to a tea party and was delighted with who showed up. Though Mr Snow Cub wanted to start munching on the goodies right away, Miss Elephant persuaded him to wait until the rest of the guests arrived.

tea party

I had received so many acceptances, I set up outside on the balcony as well. This was going to be a grand tea party indeed. It will probably be the talk of SL. 😉

garden party

At this month’s Fit for a Princess I found what I needed. The Ladies Tea Set from Circa includes 2 floral chairs (which change several colours), the table, tea set and cups/saucers (both which come in 5 colours) and a tray of french desserts. The Petal Pouffe’s (which come in 8 colours and have 12 animated poses) come from Frogstar; and outside, [raare] provided the Garden Blooming Table and the Garden Chairs (seats change colours). The table and each chair is sold separately or all together in one pack.

Fit for a Princess decorations

Of course, I had to wear a pretty party dress and picked Luminary’s Kohana Dress which comes in several colours and the standard mesh sizes. I am also wearing Frogstar’s San Francisco’s Flowers (an unrigged mesh hair accessory which comes in 19 solids and 20 florals. These can be picked up at the gacha machine for 25L a play) and the Svetochka Circlet (which is available in 8 colours for 90L each or 360L fatpack). All of these items are at this round of Fit for a Princess.

Luminary @ Fit for a Princess

Frogstar @ Fit for a Princess

Credits for Fit for a Princess

Luminary: Kohana Dress by Augurer (new)
Frogstar: San Francisco Flowers, Svetochka Circlet and Petal Pouffe by Ravenna Rossini (new)
Circa: Ladies Tea – Floral Fan Chairs & Decor by Cherelle Capra (new)
[raare]: Garden Blooming Table, Garden Daisy Chair, Garden Iris Chair, Garden Lily Chair and Garden Rose Chair by Xserenavoncurex (new)

Other Credits

al vulo – Celestial Skin *milk* by Hlin Bluebird
IKON – Ascension Eyes *ice* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Wasabi Pills – Ingrid hair *gingerbread* by MissAllSunday Lemon (new) FameShed
Olive Juice pose (closed)

MishMash – An Elephant by Aime Takaaki
Birdy – Snow Cub by Nina Helix
Ohmai – Beary Lurvin (no longer available)
Artilleri – Circu Rug by Antonia Marat
Floorplan – Boho Ivy Planter by Tegan Serin
Half-Deer – Cuddly Tissue Box by Halogen Magic
On a Lark – Butterfly Wall Mount 2 & Wall Mount Triple by Discovering Destiny (new) Fantasy Room
Nylon Outfitters – Girl With a Wreath Water Colors by Nylon Pinkney

Half-Deer – Kerfluffle Sheep – Mr Bubbles by Halogen Magic
8f8 – Bird Cage by 8f8
Nylon Outfitters – Poppies in a Bucket by Nylon Pinkney
We’re Closed – Old Ladder and Paper Lanterns by Mandingo Quan
World of Wood – Love Nest Tray by Kosmicki
Lark – Desert Retreat Cushion by Sienia Trevellion
Sway’s – Moani Jar Candle *butterfly* by Sway Dench
Floorplan – Boho Ivy Planter by Tegan Serin

The Sun Priestess

A day in the garden absorbing the sun’s rays. This Sun Priestess adores her free time in the Forbidden Garden. Only the Priestesses were allowed to enter this garden and perform special ceremonies to the Sun God who will not only bless them with bountiful sun rays but also increase their towns crop yieldage.

22769 @ Fantasy Faire 2014

This particular Sun Priestess held a special ranking among the priestesses. She was also given the gift of speaking with nature. The villagers made her the lovely headpiece (by 22769) and a special set of sun jewelry by [LNS Designs].
22769 @ Fantasy Faire 2014

I am also showcasing some nail art in the midst of my long hair by Beautiful Freak.
22769 @ Fantasy Faire 2014

There is less than a day left at Fantasy Faire 2014, so come and grab all the awesome items while you can.

Items Worn:

Poses by: .ploom. Regal Set