Going for a ride

Nothing like riding in a fast car for a little excitement, except maybe for me it’s putting on a gorgeous dress and feeling fantastic in it. Greymoon has designed a beautiful pencil-skirt dress that comes in 4 colours (red, gold, black and white). Each colour includes fitted mesh and regular mesh sizes. The dress has a highwaisted skirt part with a patterned top of flowers and a belt with a bow made from the dress material. When I look at the dress I get the impression of crushed velvet. It looks sumptious and I love everything about it.

Greymoon @ Fit for a Princess

fast carr

Calico Ingham, of Calico, has designed a beautiful hair style called Estelle. The style is pulled around one side and piles up on the other with lots of wavy curls; it also has bangs and a bit of a bouffant top. I’m in love with this style. Estelle comes in 16 colour packs, each hud having about 5 shades of a colour in it.

Frogstar has a pretty Pearlscent Princess Nail polish, for SLink finger nails and toe nails with each hud containing 8 pretty colours. There is also a gacha machine filled with modern princess pearl necklaces and bracelets in 6 different colours. There are 12 commons (6 necklaces and 6 matching bracelets) and 2 rares (1 necklace and bracelet). The jewelry is original unrigged mesh and goes for 25L a play.

Tiny Trinkets has a set of 3 very pretty hats. They are resizeable and fit both adult and child avs. These hats come in 3 patterns with a black veil covering the eyes. I really like these hats.

Calico, Frogstar, Greymoon & Tiny Trinkets @ Fit for a Princess

Frogstar, Calico, Tiny Trinkets @ Fit for a Princess


Fit for a Princess
Greymoon – Portiere Dress by Lyssa Sapeur
Calico – Estelle hair by Calico Ingham
Frogstar – Pearlscent Princess Polish and Modern Princess Pearls by Ravenna Rossini
Tiny Trinkets – Diva’s Hats by Roula Laville

Essences – Paris skin TDRF01 *vivante* by Inka Mexicola
Severed Garden – SeverEyes 10 by Berta Avro
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Leverocci – Belgravia Patent 120 pumps *black* by Jin Elfan
Flowey poses by Flutter Memel (red dress) and fri.day poses by Darling Monday (all other photos)

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