Angels won’t lie

In the current round of Fit for a Princess, Circa released a very pretty sitting room set called Sky Tower Princess. Every girl needs a sitting room to relax in and be alone. This one comes in white and pastel colours that includes a beautiful painting, a settee loaded with poses (two of which are below), 2 plant stands, a full-length mirror, an end table and an assortment of makeup and a hair brush (which also can be held).

Circa @ Fit for a Princess

Circa @ Fit for a Princess

At the same event, Dysfunctional Designs (DDD) released a very nice Ornate Chandelier which comes in 5 different metal tones. There is a large and small version, plus an extra chain that when added will make the chandelier longer.

Dysfunctional Designs @ Fit for a Princess


Atomic – Muse skin *creme* by Ivy Graves
Severed Garden – SeverEyes 2 by Berta Avro
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Lamb – Cry Baby hair *fair* by Lamb Bellic
Blacklace – Dahlia Floral Lace Baby Doll by Mariska Simons
ANE – Kallai Sandals *seafoam* by Anemysk Karu

Circa – Sky Tower Princess by Cherelle Capra (new) Fit for a Princess
Dysfunctional Designs – Ornate Chandelier by Anke Hatchuk (new) Fit for a Princess
Sway’s – Zurich Breakfast by Sway Dench (new) The Arcade
Kuro – Striped Rugs by Luana Dawg
Half-Deer – Cuddly Tissue Box by Halogen Magic
Keke – Lemonade *orange* by Kean Kelly
Imeka – Rose Vase *blue* by NatiWilliams (new) The Arcade
Floorplan – Pride & Prejudice book by Tegan Serin
Oyakin – Sheer Curtains *white* by Kinbo Akina

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