Warmth of your eyes…

This round of Genre is an Arabian theme and Amilia Zabaleta of AZE has created a beautiful earring and nose ring set inspired from the Bedouin deserts. They come in both gold and silver in fine metal beaded details with lapis or carnelian cabochons completing the design. Each set is 100L during the event, which ends July 12th.

If you’re looking for a dramatic eye, then check out the eye makeup from Synjari Myriam of Senzafine. She has created the very pretty Safira eye makeup, which comes in a warm and cool pack. Each eye makeup is shadow and liner combined and each pack consists of 5 colours. (photos below show 1 from each pack.) These are also at Genre this month. The lustrous lipsticks are from Senzafine and come in pack of 5 colours that can be found in her main store.

AZE & Senzafine @ Genre


Belleza – Ria skin *pale* by Shyla Diggs
IKON – Ascension Eyes *green* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
Izzie’s – Moles by Izzie Button
Senzafine – Safira Eyeshadow + Liner by Synjari Myriam (new) Genre
Senzafine – Moonglow Lip Color *vintage reds* by Synjari Myriam
AZE – Bedouin Sands Earring & Nose Ring by Amilia Zabaleta (new) Genre
booN – hairpieces TANA01, KB0906, KED937 *black* by Boo Nakamura
GOS – Pouffe (pose) by Gospel Voom

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